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Building on Tradition: Creating a State-of-the-Art Clinic

Syngcuk Kim Endodontic CIinic

A long line of distinguished alumni and faculty have made excellence in endodontics synonymous with Penn Dental Medicine. Today, the Department of Endodontics’ accomplished faculty and students are ensuring this reputation not only remains intact, but expands and flourishes. The Department’s highly competitive postdoctoral program draws top students from across the country and around the world, continuing to develop the leaders of tomorrow. With the best students and faculty and the most advanced equipment, the School needed a clinical space to match. The new state-of-the-art clinic reflects the state-of-the art clinical instruction, research, and patient care that are the hallmarks of the Penn Dental Medicine program. Named the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic CIinic, this new facilty also honors the many contributions of Dr. Syngcuk Kim to the Department and the field of endodontics.

Featuring the Latest Technologies

Remaining on the second floor of the classic Thomas W. Evans Building,the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic CIinic is a modern clinic environment for optimum patient care and education. Enhancing resources with an expansion into adjoining space, the new clinic:

  • Increases the number of patients and students served — growing to include 23 chairs, two surgical suites, and a consultation room.
  • Improves patient privacy with modular operatories that feature an operating microscope at each chair and computer monitors for accessing digital radiographs and patient records.
  • Streamlines patient flow with a new handicapped-accessible reception room.

Donor Pledges

A special thanks to the following donors who have made gift pledges toward the endodontic clinic renovation totaling more than $2 million.Thank you for your support for the renovation of the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic. View photos from our opening reception and dinner on March 1, 2013 >>
Many have donated at many levels to make the clinic possible.

$75,000 and above
Dr. Hiroshi Ishii B&L Biotech (Seung-Ho Baek, DMD & In Whan Lee, DDS)
CareStream Syngcuk Kim, DDS, PhD
$50,000 – $74,999
David W. Belardi, DDS Brian Lee, DMD & Julie Lee
Craig C. Broome, DMD A. K. Bobby Mallik, DMD
Mid-County Endodontic Group (Jeffrey Chen, DMD & Jin Han, DMD) Michael Stephen Marmo, DMD
Michael & Julie Do, DMD Providence Endodontics (Meetu R. Kohli, DMD & Jessica S. Kim, DDS)
Anthony R. Harlacher, DMD Synergy Dental Specialists (Jung Lim, DMD & David Li, DMD)
Exton Endodontics (Sam Kratchman, DMD; Ken Lee, DMD: Allen Yang, DMD) Martin Trope, DMD, & Idit Trope, PhD
Hee Jin Kim, DMD Dr. Toshihiro Ushikubo
Contemporary Endodontics (Saju J. George, DMD) Jung Baik Kim, DMD
Dr. Tae-Kyung Kwon Dr. Thomas Schloss & Dr. Ioana Catalina
Ralan Wong, DMD  
$10,000 – $49,999
Louay M. Abrass, DMD Michael Dustin Brown, DMD
Dr. Mario Castro Gilberto J. Debelian, DMD, PhD
Terry G. Han, DDS Andrew J. Kryger, DMD
Jamie S. Kang, DMD Joanna T. Ku, DMD
Joseph Chihyun Kim, DMD Jeffrey A. Levin, DMD
Stephen E. Shpeen, DMD Martin Levin, DMD & Susan Levin
Steven Singh, DDS Donald Tsung-I Liu, DMD
Theresa Hsu, DMD Rambod Kamrava, DMD
Eun Young Lee, DDS, MSD, PhD Daniel C. Leung, DMD
Akira Matsuura Phillip S. Min, DDS
Dr. Shota Miyake Royeen Nesari, DMD
NYC Microendodontics PLLC (Eunah Koh, DMD) Dr. Ali Oezdemir
Norihiro Sawada, DDS, PhD Su-Jung Shin, DMD
Patricio J. Sumaza, DMD University of Pennsylvania USA Foundation Limited (Francesco Maggiore, DDS)
Denny Y. Fang, DDS Spencer-Carl Saint-Cyr, DMD
Helmut Walsch, DMD Jean Kang, DMD
Duc H. Nguyen, DMD Dr. Thomas Clauder & Dr. Carolyn Newmann
Hayashi Yohsuke Dr. Aleksander Iofin
Andrew M. Kim, DMD Adam J. Gatan, DMD
Mindo Lee, DMD Eric Valencia, DMD
Mr. & Mrs. Yong T. Hwang  
$1,000 – $9,999
Dr. Ho K. Hwang Michael Dustin Brown, DDS & Judy Brown
Eui-Seong Kim, DMD Endodontic Specialists PA
WooCheol Lee, DMD Derrick B. Wong, DMD
Frederick Rodney Cho, DDS Frank C. Setzer, DMD
Dr. Eudes Gondim Jr. Todd Gaylard Plum, DDS
Dr. Georgia Marangou Alan Kirsch, DDS
Hyunjung Holly Park, DMD Erick R. Menegazzo, DMD & Gabriella Menegazzo
American Association of Endodontists Julio R. Galvez, DMD
Maren Gaughan Spencer Hinckley, DMD
Dr. Dae-ub Kim Samuel H. Ip, DMD
Bekir Karabucak, DMD Elena V. Kurtz, DMD
Dr. Paula Mendez Benjamin Porras, DDS
Sweta B. Shah, DMD Dr. Heike Steffan
Haris Lakisic, DMD Debra L. Carri, DMD
Prudent Endodontics (Rinku Parmar) Timothy C. Lin, DMD
Sung-Kyo Kim, DMD Cezar M. Mitrut, DMD
Dr. Miri Kim Steven Ingyu Ryu, DMD
Dr. Holderrieth Silke Dr. Sebastian Zorn
Seung J. Lee, DMD Dr. Tae Seok Oh
Francine Cwyk, DMD Dr. Justos Sosa Doreste
Dr. Wenk Boesmeyer Dr. Frederic H. Siegal
Gifts Below $1,000
Spyridon Floratos, DMD Peipei Chang, DMD
Yong M. Kim, MD Mr. & Mrs. Henry M. Rambo
Jose Agustin Medina, DMD Practice Mngmnt Today Endo
Payam Hariri, DMD Lee Meadvin, DMD
Dr. and Mrs. H. O. Trowbridge Selina W. Chan, DMD
Contra Costa Endodontics (L. Antoine Bluth, DMD) Larry Z. Koren, DMD & Harriet J. Koren, Esq.
Gayatri Vohra, DMD Herbert N. Gutentag, DMD
Arthur M. Alperstein, DDS Peter Brothman, DDS
Isabel G. Campos, DMD Mary Ann Cantor Chang, DMD
Robert M. Fleisher, DMD & Maxine Fleisher Michael N. Franks, DDS
Marc Phillip Gimbel, DMD Bruce H. Godick, DMD
Carl L. Tinkelman, DMD Seth H. Rieback, DDS
Alan M. Barnett, DDS Ms. Martha Harper
Louis E. Rossman, DMD Lawrence I. Shepard, DDS
Essam K. Taha, DMD MS Patrick Wahl, DMD
W&F Dental Associates, LLC (Dr. Cheng D. Fong) Lyon J. Schwartzben, DDS
David J. Tancreto, DMD Michael & Valerie Yasner, DMD
Henry L. Houseman, DMD Miriam Susan Kaye-Fleisher, DMD
Thomas M. Suggs DDS Brian Suh, DMD
Dr. George Biron Mr. & Mrs. Fromhold

List as of 3/6/13

  • View People Supporting Penn Profile on the clinic renovation and alumni supporters Dr. Kenneth Lee, C’91, D’95, GD’98; Dr. Allen Yang, GD’02, D’04; and Dr. Samuel Kratchman, GD’91.


Maren Gaughan
Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

  • THE DEPARTMENT OF ENDODONTICS is building on a tradition of excellence with a new state-of-the-art clinic – the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic CIinic.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – Dr. Syngcuk Kim, Louis I. Grossman Professor of Endodontics, in the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – The Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic features 23 operatories.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – Dean Denis Kinane in the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic – operatories are on either side of a central corridor that features a supply area and leads to private surgical suites on the east end.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – The waiting/patient receiving area.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – The waiting/patient receiving area.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – View of operatories in the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – Each operatory in the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic features an operating microscope and chair-side computer.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – Steps on the east end of the clinic lead to an area that includes five private patient care suites, a patient consultation area, a lab work bench, and lockers.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – The east end area of the Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – Dr. Syngcuk Kim; Dr. Meetu Kohli, Clinical Assistant Professor of Endodontics; and Dr. Frank Setzer, Endodontic Clinic Director.

  • NEW CLINIC OPEN – Postdoctoral endodontic students with Dr. Syngcuk Kim and Dr. Bekir Karbucak, Associate Professor of Endodontics, in the new clinic.

Program & Faculty Features

Syngcuk Kim Endodontic Clinic

A High-Tech Setting for Education, Research & Patient Care

Penn Dental Journal,

Spring 2013

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