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Advanced Microendodontic Training for the General Dentist

ONE-WEEK Immersion Course

This course is designed for the dentist who wants to perform his or her endodontic treatments with a high probability of success and without undue complications. It covers all basic biological concepts for successful treatment. The technical aspects are covered by hands-on and live demonstrations. A variety of instruments and techniques are discussed and demonstrated. The overall aim of the course is to prepare the participant to perform most endodontic procedures and to understand endodontic principles so as to assess new instruments and techniques and to evolve as the discipline evolves.

Course Schedule

Day Course Topic
Day 1 Biological basis of endodontics; Access; Basics of the operating microscope; Rubber dam tricks.
Day 2 Working length determination; Principles of Nickel Titanium Instrumentation; Selected instruments and sequences; Hands-on instruction.
Day 3 Hands-on instrumentation continued; Live patient demonstration including aseptic techniques with assistant participation.
Day 4 Principles, instruments and techniques for warm and cold hydraulic root canal obturation; Hands-on instruction; Live patient demonstration.
Day 5 Treatment of post endodontic disease: Treatment planning, instruments and techniques, Retreatment versus Endodontic Surgery. Hands-on and live patient demonstration for endodontic surgery.
Day 6 Optional: Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth— Lecture and Hands-on presented by Dr. Alan Atlas, Philadelphia, PA.

Course Dates

October 12-17, 2015 Advanced Endodontics: 1 Week Immersion Course
March 7-11, 2016 Advanced Endodontics: 1 Week Immersion Course
Oct.17-21, 2016 Advanced Endodontics: 1 Week Immersion Course

Course Fees

6 – Day Course in Philadelphia – $8,000
Fee: $7,500 – 5 Days
Optional Day 6 – $500


Drs. Martin Trope, James Hupp, Frank Setzer, Bekir Karabucak, Samuel Kratchman, Alan Atlas, Meetu Kohli and Adjunct Penn Dental Medicine Endodontic faculty.

CE Hours

CE Credit Hours: 40 – 48
Continental breakfast, breaks and lunch are included every day.
On the last evening, we will enjoy a celebratory dinner.
The hands-on portion is sponsored by Brasseler USA

Course Location

Next Level Endodontics
1601 Walnut Street, Suite 402
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Register Online
Contact Merrie Hupp at
Contact Merrie Hupp at 215-278-7827
The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course due to unforeseen circumstances.

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