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Microendodontic Training

“Update in Modern Endodontics – From Theory to Practice”

This two-day, hands-on training course translates current academic knowledge into clinical practice. Treatment protocols based on available evidence promise success rates for teeth with apical periodontitis comparable to vital teeth. Cutting-edge treatment of vital and necrotic immature teeth (vital pulp therapy and revascularization) will be discussed and demonstrated.


Lecture segments are designed to update participants with the current developments regarding the most important challenges in modern endodontics. Topics covered in the lectures include:

  • Advances in Vital Pulp Therapy and Revascularization. Current concepts and techniques for vital pulp therapy and revascularization of immature necrotic teeth are reviewed. When is it appropriate to choose apexogenesis, apexification or revascularization? When should we not do a pulpectomy and rather leave the pulp vital? The differences in the techniques and the decision making process will be explained.
  • Treatment of Apical Periodontitis. Historically reported success rates for the treatment of necrotic teeth are consistently lower than for vital teeth with irreversible pulpitis. Participants will be taught modern techniques of microbial control that promise similar results for necrotic as for vital teeth, including adequate bio-mechanical instrumentation and irrigation protocols.
  • Instrumentation of the Apical Third. Besides the correct working length, the appropriate working width is often the “forgotten dimension”. Current concepts of apical preparation will be highlighted and the advantages and disadvantages of “small” versus “large” will be reviewed.
  • Obturation and Restoration. As we are ten years into the new century, gutta-percha is on its way out of endodontics. Modern adhesive obturation, placement of bonded fiber reinforced posts, orifice sealing and build-up materials, temporary fillings as well as the state of the art principles for definitive restoration will be discussed.
  • Implant versus Endo. Almost all clinicians face the dilemma whether to save a compromised tooth or extract it and replace it with an implant. The decision making process, issues of modern treatment planning and ways to communicate the “Endo-Implant Dilemma” will be explained and discussed.

Hands-On Training

In a state-of-the-art continuing education facility with individual microscopes and hands-on guidance, participants will gain training in:

Microendodontic Instrumentation to Biologically Adequate Sizes. Concise training exercises on extracted teeth will enable participants to adapt structured workflows for predictable and safe rotary NiTi instrumentation of the root canal system. Adhesive obturation and build-up techniques as well as the microscopic placement of fiber reinforced posts will be demonstrated and practiced.

Revascularization of Necrotic Immature Teeth. This course offers hands-on training for the proper treatment of necrotic, immature teeth. In an in-vitro model, participants will learn and practice hands-on all the important details and techniques for revascularization, including mixture and consistency of the tri-antibiotic paste, instigation of a blood clot scaffold and the placement of a bacteria tight and stable seal that prevents reinfection of the tooth.

Course Dates

Feb. 26/27, 2016 Advanced Endodontics: Diagnosis to Root Filling (2 day)

Course Fees

$3,000 ($300 cancellation fee)


Drs. Martin Trope, Bekir Karabucak, Frank Setzer, Meetu Kohli and staff.

CE Hours

16 credit hours
Courses Open to: Endodontists and General Practitioners

To register

All courses are held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course due to unforeseen circumstances.

Group Training

Individual Microendodontic Training Courses for groups may be arranged upon request. Please contact us for more information.

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