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The School of Dental Medicine has long had an international focus in its mission, programs, and its constituency with Penn Dental Medicine graduates located in many countries outside of the U.S. Its students, faculty, and staff reflect the increasing diversity in the US. Alongside the diversity is the growing awareness and increasing involvement in global issues related to oral health.

The Office of International Relations was created in 1989 to develop and implement programs that maintain the international stature of the School of Dental Medicine, strengthen the international outlook of its faculty, students and staff, increase the school’s involvement in global oral health issues, and expand its collaboration with dental schools and other institutions worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to position the School of Dental Medicine as an international center for education, clinical practice, and research in oral health. The School’s global vision complements that of the University’ as expressed in the Penn Compact, “to attract a student body as diverse in class background as it is in geography, gender, race, and religion.” The School also aims to engage locally and globally by sharing knowledge with and learning from the University’s neighbors – in the surrounding community and around the world.

Our Programs

The work of the Office of International Relations revolves around its Student Exchange Program


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