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WHO Collaborating Center: Terms of Reference 2006-2010

Terms of reference describe the areas in which the Center will strive to be active in supporting the WHO goal of improving oral health worldwide-a goal shared by Penn Dental Medicine.


1.To facilitate and implement research in the prevention, detection and care of dental caries, periodontal diseases, HIV, and other conditions that are manifested in the oral cavity or elsewhere in the body as a result of oral infection. The results of such research have potentially important application for integrating oral health into the primary health care system and reducing morbidity and mortality for underserved populations in both developing and developed countries.

2. To apply relevant findings from research projects including, but not limited to, those conducted by WHO Collaborating Center faculty and staff, with the goal of improving instruction related to oral health care and patient health education as they relate to oral infectious diseases, infection control and access to care.

3. To develop, conduct and implement research in cultural factors that influence oral health seeking behavior, oral health education and the delivery of oral health care especially as it relates to individuals with infectious diseases.


1. Through training, to strengthen the role of oral health/other health care professionals and auxiliary workers in the prevention, detection and care of oral infectious diseases consistent with country guidelines.

2. To develop collaborations with oral/other health care providers in countries with limited resources, i.e., share educational materials on the prevention, detection and management of oral infectious diseases, infection control and issues of access.

3. To organize meetings, be available for consultations, and initiate conferences on access to oral health care.

4. To organize meetings, be available for consultations and to initiate strategic planning for international conferences on access to oral health care.

5. To expand linkages and exchanges for students and faculty with other institutions around the world.

Mobilization of resources

1. To raise funds from appropriate partners as necessary to facilitate implementation of above goals.

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