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Lamarr Holland

A Sense of Solidarity: Closeness with Classmates in an Exciting, Livable City made Penn Dental the Right Choice.

In choosing between two top-tier dental schools, Penn Dental Medicine and Columbia, Lamarr subscribed to the adage ,” location, location, location”, and ultimately chose Penn Dental Medicine for–among other important reasons– its home in Philadelphia, a city he viewed as a lively and interesting place to study with a reasonable cost of living.

“I applied to Penn for its great reputation across the country,” says Lamarr, a native of Westerville, Ohio, and a University of Notre Dame graduate who majored in Chemistry and minored in Catholic Social Tradition. “I chose it for the people I encountered here and for the exciting location.”

While he expected excellence in all aspects of his Penn Dental Medicine education, what has impressed him most is the closeness and unity of his fellow classmates. “We all share such a sense of solidarity, and are willing to help each other in whatever way we can,” he says.

A Fulfilling Lifestyle

Mid-way though high school, Lamarr, who had always had a close relationship with this family dentist, realized that he would like to take the same career path. “Seeing how he was able to have a fulfilling life in both work and family was a great influence on my decision,” he remembers. After graduation, he hopes to work as a general dentist in private practice, and is planning to apply to residencies in general dentistry.

Stress Relief and Networking

In the meantime, he has found that Penn Dental Medicine offers many activities designed to balance academic life with social and networking opportunities. Psi Omega Zeta, Penn Dental Medicine’s fraternity, is “a great way to meet people, and the social activities relieve stress from dental school,” he says. In addition, the Student National Dental Association has allowed Lamarr to meet dental students from diverse backgrounds, a resource he believes will be both enjoyable and valuable after graduation.

All in all, Lamarr feels, it has been the people that have made Penn Dental Medicine the right choice for him. His supportive fellow students and the School’s top-notch faculty have combined to make his dental school experience a rewarding one. “The most meaningful part of my education thus far has been the interaction with my clinical faculty,” he says. “Their experience and knowledge are invaluable in my development as a dentist.”

Lamarr Holland
“[My classmates and I] are willing to help each other in whatever way we can.”
Lamarr Holland
Hometown: Westerville, OH
Undergraduate Major: Chemistry
Why did you choose Penn Dental?: “It has a strong reputation, a great location, and reasonable living costs.”
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