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Frequently Asked Questions about The Penn Faculty Practice Plan for University Employees

Will the PFP plan allow me to seek treatment by a specialist?

Yes, The PFP plan has several specialists in every field of dentistry. The specialty services available are Orthodontics, Endodontics (root canal treatment), Periodontics (treatment of diseases of the gums and bone), Prosthodontics (replacement of missing teeth), Pedodontics (treatment of children), Oral Surgery, and Implants.

I am interested in having Implants placed. Will my PFP plan cover them?

Each PFP University plan subscriber is entitled to 50% coverage up to $3,000 annually. PFP will also cover at its usual fee any crowns that are placed on covered implants. Crowns that are placed on non-covered implants will be the responsibility of the subscriber. Please note that if the tooth that the implant will be replacing was extracted before you were covered by the PFP plan, coverage is subject to the approval of the Clinical Director and may be denied.

I have a crown that is failing due to tooth decay. Can I get a replacement crown and will it be covered by PFP?

If your crown is over five years old (60 months), the PFP will cover the replacement at the normal percentage. Crowns less than five years old (60 months) will not be covered.

I like to have my teeth cleaned every three months. Will PFP pay for this service?

PFP covers two cleanings in a 12-month period. You may certainly have your teeth cleaned more frequently, but the additional cleanings will be at the subscriber’s expense.

I frequently travel. If I have an emergency when I am away from a PFP provider what can I do?

Your PFP plan provides for emergency care if you are away. You may seek treatment outside the Penn Dental Faculty Practices. Please keep all receipts and turn them in for reimbursement. Your expenses will be refunded based on PFP’s fee schedule. Please read the Emergencies subsection of the Plan Summary document. You also must seek follow up care from a PFP provider.

I like to have white fillings in my back teeth. Is this covered in my PFP plan?

Yes, white (composite) posterior restorations are covered at the fee allowed for silver (amalgam) fillings. The balance of the charge for white fillings is the subscriber’s responsibility. White fillings for front teeth are covered at 100%.

I am interested in having veneers placed on my front teeth, they have become discolored over the years. Will they be covered?

Yes, PFP covers treatment that is strictly of a cosmetic nature, such as veneers and bleaching. This is benefit is covered at 50%.

I have a removable partial denture and want to replace it with a permanent bridge. Will PFP cover the replacement?

This is considered an upgrade and is not a covered expense. If your partial denture is over five years old and not serviceable, you can certainly have a new one made and expect PFP to pay for a portion of it. If you would rather have a fixed (permanent) bridge made to replace your partial, you can use that portion of PFP’s allowance for the partial denture toward the fixed bridge.

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