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The Penn Dental Medicine SEM Core Facility consists of a JEOL JSM-T330A scanning electron microscope equipped with a Noran System Six X-ray analyzer. Ancillary sample preparation facilities include a critical point dryer and a sputter coater for gold or carbon coating. The system is capable of producing digital images and mapping the elemental composition of the sample on the image. Further, semi-quantitative elemental analysis of samples is provided. Use of the facility by Penn Dental Medicine, other University of Pennsylvania, and outside investigators is provided on a fee for service basis.


Penn Dental Medicine User $30/hour
Other UPenn User $40/hour
Outside User $65/hour

(above fees are without technician assistance; technician’s time: $40/hour with ½ hour minimum)

Contact Information

Ellis Golub

The Robert Schattner Center
University of Pennsylvania
School of Dental Medicine
240 South 40th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6030