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“Interdisciplinary scholarship and translational research are hallmarks of the University of Pennsylvania. Our faculty members actively pursue collaborations and their published work has diverse applications in a variety of fields.”
— Dr. Denis Kinane, Morton Amsterdam Dean

“The Penn Dental Medicine research enterprise continues to have a far-reaching impact across disciplines as evidenced by the number and frequency of faculty publications cited in the scholarship of other researchers. The impact of the research in the clinical departments demonstrates the breadth of research activities and is an important part of the School’s scholarship.”
— Dr. Dana Graves, Vice Dean for Research and Scholarship

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Average h index for Department Faculty

Department Average h index** for Dept. Faculty  
Microbiology 8.4  
Anatomy & Cell Biology 8.0  
Periodontics 6.7  
Biochemistry 5.9  
Pathology 5.2  
Endodontics 5.0  
Oral Surgery & Pharmacology 4.2  
Preventive & Restorative Sciences 3.4  
Orthodontics 3.1  
Oral Medicine 2.8  

Top 20 Scholarly Output by h index & Number of Publications

Faculty Member h index** 2008-12 No. of Articles 2008-12
George Hajishengallis 17 50
Henry Daniell 17 38
Denis Kinane 16 37
Dana Graves 14 35
Michel Koo 13 36
Gary Cohen 12 27
Anh Le 11 29
Elizabeth Barton 9 27
Carolyn Gibson 8 20
Panagiota Stathopoulou 8 9
Claire Mitchell 7 17
Markus Blatz 6 41
Sunday O. Akintoye 6 17
Marjorie Jeffcoat 6 16
Hydar Ali 6 11
Syngcuk Kim 6 10
Elliot Hersh 5 20
Yan Yuan 5 14
Bekir Karabucak 5 13
Robert Ricciardi 5 13

**The h index It indicates the quantity and quality of the researcher’s publications during their career and was developed to measure the impact of an individual’s scientific research output. The higher the number the better. Older researchers with longer careers will always have more than new or younger researchers.

It was developed by J.E. Hirsch, Department of Physics, UCSD, and it attempts to measure the impact of an individual or department’s scientific research output. The calculation is based on a list of publications ranked in descending order by the “times cited” count. As an example, an h ndex of 20 means there are 20 items that have 20 citations or more each.

Hirsch’s full article on the h-index can be found in PNAS 102 (46): 16569-16572 November 15 2005. View article »

These lists were generated using the Scopus database, and the Author IDs found within that system. Articles published in journals that are not indexed in Scopus, are not included in the calculation. The articles that were included were published between January 2008 and December 2012 and the h index calculations were done in early 2013.


Penn Dental Research Facts & Figures

Total Reseach Funds Awarded FY13- $13.36M
Total Peer-Reviewed Publications by Faculty FY13- 222

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