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Student summer research training meetings are held on consecutive Wednesdays, throughout the summer at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Conference Room 234, located in the Leon Levy Building.

Attendance for students participating in the summer research training program is mandatory.

Speaker Date Seminar Title
Dr. Joseph DiRienzo 7/8/15 Welcome
Susan Souder Biosafety Officer Office of EHRS 7/8/15 Environmental Health & Radiation Safety
Victor Sun 7/15/15 Examining the spatiotemporal development of biofilm extracellular matrix and pH microenvironments with confocal microscopy and computational analysis
Research Mentor: Dr. Hyun Koo
Angela Sun 7/15/15 Role and mechanism of viral small peptides in control of viral life cycle
Research Mentor: Yan Yuan
Ross Rosenblatt 7/15/15 Persistent infection of oral mesenchymal stem cells by KSHV and its role in Kaposi’s sarcoma development
Research Mentor: Dr. Yan Yuan
Olivia Rotondi 7/22/15 Effect of the addition of surfactant to bioactive cements on crystal formation
Research Mentor: Dr. Francis Mante
Sanghyun Park 7/22/15 Chondrogenic differentiation of stem cells on titanium
Research Mentor: Dr. Francis Mante
Fangming Li 7/22/15 Growth of cartilage on zirconia via in vitro co-culture of osteoblast and chondrocytes
Research Mentor: Dr. Francis Mante
Dr. Jeffey Garber, DMD, MBE 7/29/15 Ethical Conduct in Biomedical Research
Ahn Nguyen 8/5/15 Effects of tumor necrosis factors, advanced glycation end products, and high glucose on the apoptosis of human and mouse mesenchymal stem cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Dana Graves
Andrew Naden 8/5/15 Effects of surface modifications and fatigue cycling on fracture strength of monolithic zirconia at various thicknesses
Research Mentor: Dr. Fusun Ozer
Yvonne Mack 8/5/15 Influence of surface modifications on bacterial adherence to implant abutment materials
Research Mentor: Dr. Fusun Ozer
Rebecca Lee 8/12/15 The effects of antiretroviral therapy drugs on neuronal interferon response
Research Mentor: Dr. Kelly Jordan-Sciutto
Catherine Lee 8/12/15 The transformation of dental pulp cells into retinal epithelial cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia
Emily Kim 8/12/15 Clinicians’ perspectives and attitudes regarding online sources of information on Burning Mouth Syndrome
Research Mentor: Dr. Thomas Sollecito
Tejal Jamidar 8/19/15 The striae of Retzius in a Hasanlu (Iran) dentition
Research Mentor: Dr. Janet Monge
Michael Hayes 8/19/15 An in vitro assessment of oral epithelial cell absorption of CTB and PTD conjugates
Research Mentor: Dr. Henry Daniell
Michael Gross 8/19/15 Nasotrigeminal reflex in the early detection of Parkinson’s Disease: An examination of first-degree family members
Research Mentor: Dr. Richard Doty
Chungyu Chang 8/19/15 Inflammatory modulator in gingival crevicular fluid in health, gingivitis, and periodontitis
Research Mentor: Dr. George Hajishengallis
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