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Student summer research training meetings are held on consecutive Wednesdays, throughout the summer at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Conference Room 234, located in the Leon Levy Building.

Attendance for students participating in the summer research training program is mandatory.

Speaker Date Seminar Title
Dr. Joseph DiRienzo 7/2/14 Welcome
Susan Souder Biosafety Officer Office of EHRS 7/2/14 Environmental Health & Radiation Safety
Dr. Jeffey Garber, DMD, MBE 7/9/14 Ethical Conduct in Biomedical Research
Akemi Arzouman 7/16/14 The effect of BMSC niche signal for potential cell differentiation without expression of CD105
Research Mentor: Dr. Enomoto-Iwamoto
Nicole Byer 7/16/14 Suprathreshold odor perception and memory during pregnancy
Research Mentor: Dr. Doty
Kristine Fu 7/16/14 Role of G protein coupled receptor kinase 2 (GRK2) on antigen and IL-33- induced responses in mast cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Ali
Souren Hajjar 7/16/14 Niche environment for cancer stem cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Le
Catherine Campbell 7/23/14 MKR mice lacking IGF receptors in masseter muscle and impacts on surrounding craniofacial bone
Research Mentor: Dr. Barton
Ivana Derby 7/23/14 MID mice and craniofacial effects
Research Mentor: Dr. Barton
Raymond Duong 7/23/14 Non-glycosylated pro-IGF-1 reactivity: understanding its role in disuse atrophy
Research Mentor: Dr. Barton
Alexander Krisko 7/23/14 Evaluation of SMAD protein role in dentofacial deformities
Research Mentor: Dr. Barton
Minje Kim 7/30/14 Role of AGE in the expression of bone matrix proteins in osteoblast lineage cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Graves
Kyung Jin Lee 7/30/14 Investigating the molecular mechanism in TNF╬▒ inhibition on mesenchymal stem cell proliferation
Research Mentor: Dr. Graves
Je Dong Ryu 7/30/14 The role of FOXO-1 expressed by chondrocytes in diabetes-impaired fracture healing
Research Mentor: Dr. Graves
Philip Chang 8/6/14 Noncoding RNA-encoding small peptides regulate viral life cycle
Research Mentor: Dr. Yuan
Parul Sangwan 8/6/14 The role of RIG-I and YY1 in up-regulating Mir-190 in Type 1 latent EBV infected cells
Research Mentor: Yuan
Nicholas Kim 8/6/14 Effectiveness of neuroprotection by PERK and BACE1 inhibitors in ARV treated neurons
Research Mentor: Dr. Jordan-Sciutto
Yoojin Rhee 8/6/14 The effect of depression on expression of inflammation and cell cycle protein in the central nervous system
Research Mentor: Dr. Jordan-Sciutto
Hyun San Lee 8/13/14 Effects of elastomers on the fracture toughness of posterior dental composites
Research Mentor: Dr. Mante
Tiffany Lin 8/13/14 Osteogenic-adipogenic trans-differentiation of orofacial mesenchymal stem cells – Implications for jaw osteoporosis
Research Mentor: Dr. Akintoye
Shalini Patel 8/13/14 Intraocular pressure and cytokine response in mice
Research Mentor: Dr. Mitchell
Zhan Shutong 8/13/14 Influence of PVM/MA copolymer on bacterial adherence to dDentin and resin composite surfaces
Research Mentor: Dr. Ozer
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