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Student summer research training meetings are held on consecutive Wednesdays, throughout the summer at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Conference Room 234, located in the Leon Levy Building.

Attendance for students participating in the summer research training program is mandatory.

Speaker Date Seminar Title
Dr. Joseph DiRienzo 7/3/13 Welcome
Susan Souder Biosafety Officer Office of EHRS 7/3/13 Environmental Health & Radiation Safety
Dr. Jeffey Garber, DMD, MBE 7/10/13 Ethical Conduct in Biomedical Research
Boshi Zhang 7/17/13 The role of matrix metalloproteinase in migration following division of satellite cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Barton
Ji Sun Min 7/17/13 The role of glycosylation in pro-forms of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I)
Research Mentor: Dr. Barton
Laura Chee 7/17/13 Relationship between post-natal growth of the masseter muscle and craniofacial bone growth in mice
Research Mentor: Dr. Barton
Leah Yi 7/24/13 The effect of FOXO1 deletion on epithelial cell migration, tissue inflammation and wound healing
Research Mentor: Dr. Graves
Daniel Reid 7/24/13 Diabetes impaired mesenchymal stem cell migration in fracture healing
Research Mentor: Dr. Graves
Lan La 7/24/13 The effect of FOXO1 deletion in myeloid cells on regulating osteoclastogenesis
Research Mentor: Dr. Graves
Jaskaran Saggu 7/31/13 Nrf-2 pathway involvement in SDG induced ritonavir neuroprotection
Research Mentor: Dr. Jordon-Sciutto
Nicholas Saggese 7/31/13 Mir-190 upregulation in type 1 latent EBV infected cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Yuan
Alexander Margolis 7/31/13 Effect of autophagy on survival of dyskerin-depleted cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Alawi
Ali Abdul Majeed 8/7/13 Formation of hydroxyapatite in ceramir- bioactive luting cement- and the effect of the addition of surfactant
Research Mentor: Dr. Mante
Kevin Lin 8/7/13 Effect of high glucose on the properties and function of mesenchymal stem cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Le
Joosang Lee 8/7/13 Fracture toughness of triclosan supplemented dentin bonding agents
Research Mentor: Dr. Mante
Mark Guevarra 8/14/13 Hypoxia sensitizes irradiated mesenchymal stem cells to apoptosis
Research Mentor: Dr. Akintoye
Meghan Harley 8/14/13 Intracellular trafficking of nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates by orofacial mesenchymal stem cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Akintoye
Nishat Shahabuddin 8/14/13 The role of lipid rafts in leukotoxin localization
Research Mentor: Dr. Lally
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