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Information on the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on patient care and School/University operations. Plus, resources for the Penn Dental Medicine community and alumni.

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Investing In Research

Investing In Research

Propelling Breakthroughs in Oral Health and Interdisciplinary Discovery

Center for Clinical and Translational Research

This new Center will be equipped and staffed to conduct research that will speed evidence-based products to market and facilitate collaboration across the University to develop new materials, innovative diagnostics, and novel therapeutics of value to our patients.

Invest in Research Excellence

Penn Dental Medicine has many areas where discovery is rapidly accelerating toward new therapies. These include Stem Cell, Nanotechnology, Materials Reseach, Biopharmaceuticals, and Immune System Therapies. Through this campaign, we will recruit new scholars and support collaborations with other scientists throughout the University of Pennsylvania.

To learn more, please contact Elizabeth Ketterlinus, Vice Dean of Institutional Advancement, at or 215-898-3328.

Research Spotlights

Penn Dental Medicine faculty members are translating science to practice. Here are highlights of some of their work across disciplines.

Faculty Research Profiles

Dr. Markus Blatz, Dept. of Preventive & Restorative Sciences
Putting Digital Dentistry To Work »
(PDF download)
Dr. Henry Daniell, Dept. of Basic & Translational Sciences
Delivery Drugs with Plants »
(PDF download)
Dr. Dana Graves, Dept. of Periodontics
Decoding Dentistry & Diabetes »
(PDF download)
Dr. George Hajishengallis, Dept. of Basic & Translational Sciences
Discovery Beyond Dentistry »
(PDF download)
Dr. Michel Koo, Dept. of Orthodontics/Divs. of Pediatrics/Community Health
Breaking Down Biofilms »
(PDF download)
Dr. Anh Le, Dept. of Oral Surgery
Making Patients Whole Again »
(PDF download)
Dr. Thomas Sollecito, Dept. of Oral Medicine
Connecting the Dots to Diagnosis »
(PDF download)

To learn more about the new Clinical and Translational Research Center or opportunities to support it and research faculty, contact Elizabeth Ketterlinus, Vice Dean of Institutional Advancement, at or 215-898-3328.

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