Mission Statement & Vision

Penn Dental Medicine Strategic Plan 2010-2020

Mission Statement

The mission of Penn Dental Medicine (PDM) is to educate predoctoral and graduate dental students in the highest quality clinical and research environment.

Core Values

PDM’s core values are consistent with the Penn Compact 2020:

  • Inclusion: We value diversity and respect for all
  • Innovation: We expand knowledge through cutting edge research; We use the latest technology and evidence based practices in teaching and clinical care
  • Impact: We provide high quality comprehensive dental care in all clinics; We make a difference in educational, research and clinical outreach initiatives locally and globally


Penn Dental Medicine advances oral health by educating clinical dentists and fostering leaders in research, education, clinical care and service both locally and globally. Faculty and students strive toward eminence by increasing access to oral health care and professional education, integrating knowledge across disciplines, and engaging with our local, national, and global communities by continued innovation and research.

Penn Dental Medicine excels in discovering new knowledge in fundamental biology and dental medicine and disseminates this knowledge through discovery-oriented methodologies enhanced by the latest technologies. Penn Dental Medicine excels in instruction, research, and patient care in dental medicine and inspires, demands, and thrives on the need to continuously improve the quality of programs, produce future leaders, and be the best in all of its pursuits.

Penn Dental Medicine’s activities in research, teaching, and clinical care promote lifelong learning relevant to a dynamic society and a rapidly expanding, multidisciplinary body of knowledge. Penn Dental Medicine is committed to share this knowledge through a comprehensive range of service activities with the local, national and global communities.

The Penn Dental Medicine community values the diversity of its constituents and supports free expression, reasoned discourse, and diversity in ideas. Penn Dental Medicine fosters the growth of humane values and the highest ethical standards among students, faculty, and staff, and values its professional and community affiliations throughout the world.

Strategic Goals

1. Promote Institutional Effectiveness
  • Stabilize funding and identify resources required to support core mission and new strategic initiatives
  • Develop a budgeting process to increase transparency and ownership
  • Limit rate of tuition increases
  • Renovate selected facilities to support core mission and new strategic initiatives
  • Maintain commitment to diversity and humanistic culture
  • Energize fundraising and development programs
  • Engage alumni through targeted continuing education and development opportunities at the local, national, and international levels
2. Promote High Quality Educational Programs
  • Offer a curriculum that prepares graduates in the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to begin the practice of general dentistry
  • Conduct a comprehensive curriculum review
  • Enhance and increase the use of technology in dental education, specifically MOOCand MOOG
  • Increase and formalize research opportunities for students
3. Cultivate and Enhance High Quality Faculty and Staff
  • Enhance the faculty career development and mentoring programs
  • Develop academic-clinician track and rename CE track as clinical scholar
  • Recruit experienced researchers
4. Support Students with High Quality Educational Support Services
  • Recruit excellent students to pre-doctoral and advanced dental education programs
  • Maintain applicant pool and diversity of students consistent with the mission of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Maintain student financial aid support and investigate potential sources for new student funding
  • Investigate online modules and increased technology
  • Investigate and promote inter-professional education
5. Deliver Highest Quality of Patient Care
  • Establish Penn Dental Medicine as a center for clinical excellence
  • Increase use of technology, including digital patient records, digital radiography, and CAD CAM
  • Improve operational efficiency
6. Achieve Eminence in Research
  • Retain NIH funding and publication rates
  • Recruit experienced researchers
  • Increase collaboration within PDM, with other University schools and external to Penn
7. Engage with the Local, National and Global Communities
  • Raise the local, national , and international reputation of Penn Dental Medicine
  • Increase collaboration and visiting scholar programs
  • Encourage participation in CE, research presentations and leadership roles in professional organizations
  • Continue international clinical/biological symposia at Penn and globally

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