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Graduate Dental Education Specialty Certificate Programs
29-1029 Dentists, All Other Specialists

Program Costs
For an annual budget for the graduate dental education specialty certificate programs, please see the respective program pages:
Endodontic Residency » Annual Fees
Oral Medicine Residency » Annual Fees
Orthodontic Residency » Annual Fees
Periodontic Residency » Annual Fees
Periodontic/ Orthodontic Residency » Annual Fees
Periodontic/ Prosthesis Residency » Annual Fees

Completion Rate
For the 2012 graduating class, all specialty certificate students completed the program in the time frame defined by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). The specialty program time periods do not coincide with the University’s academic calendar year.

Job Placement Rate
This information will be posted when available.

Median Loan Debt Incurred
This information is available upon request to

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