The 4th Penn Periodontal Conference 2019 Program

The 4th Penn Periodontal Conference 2019 was held at Penn Dental Medicine, June 23-27, 2019.

The 4th Penn Periodontal Conference 2019 Program

The program, June 23-27, drew 168 attendees and featured speakers representing 35 universities and institutions within the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. View photo gallery »

June 23

Time Speaker
MODERATOR: Batbileg Bor
7:00 pm Streptococcus gordonii antagonizes Porphyromonas gingivalis-mediated signaling in epithelial cells
Zackary Fitzsimonds, University of Louisville School of Dentistry
7:15 pm Combination of anti-CD4 antibody and Ro480 peptide administration generates antigen-specific regulatory T cells for Sjogren’s syndrome treatment
Junji Xu, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, NIH
MODERATOR: Aruna Shashishta
7:30 pm Novel Therapeutics to Treat Pathogenic Periodontal Biofilns in vivo
Lauren Warren, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
7:45 pm The Role of Oral Genotoxic Bacteria in the Development of Colon Cancer
Sho Kitamoto, University of Michigan Medical School
MODERATOR: Juhi Bagaitkar
8:00 pm Occlusal force regulates periodontium mesenchymal stem cells activation
Hu Zhao, Texas A&M University, College of Dentistry
8:15 pm Immunological effects of predatory bacteria on experimental periodontitis in rats
Pedro Henrique Felix Silva, University of São Paulo
MODERATOR: Abhiram Maddi
8:30 pm Synergistic Interactions between Treponema denticola and Porphyromonas gingivalis
Daniel Miller, University of Louisville School of Dentistry
8:45 pm Age-related Dysregulation of Macrophages in Periodontal Disease
Daniel Clark, University of California San Francisco, School of Dentistry
9:00 pm DEL-1 restrains rheumatoid arthritis by downregulating T follicular helper cells
Hui Wang, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
9:15 pm Selective BET Inhibitor RVX-208 Ameliorates Periodontal Inflammation and Bone Loss
Zhao Lin, School of Dentistry, Virginia Commonwealth University
9:30 pm Immunomodulatory effects of hydrophilic titanium surface modification on inflammation and osseous healing in Type II diabetes
Ryan Lee, The University of Queensland
9:45 pm 3D oral epithelial biomimetic model reveals a novel FOXO1 mechanism
Stella Alimperti, American Dental Association/National Institute of Standard and Technology
10:00 pm Adjourn

June 24

Time Speaker
8:30 am Dana Graves, Penn Dental Medicine
Welcome Remarks
AM Session: Innate Response
MODERATOR: Gustavo Garlet
8:45 am DEL-1, immune plasticity and the location-dependent homeostatic principle
George Hajishengallis, Penn Dental Medicine
9:15 am Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cells in Periodontal Osteoimmunology
Keith Kirkwood, University of Buffalo
9:40 am Role of inflammasomes in host antifungal defenses
Amy Hise, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
10:05 am Arginine methylation activates anti-inflammatory signaling
Jian Xu, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC
10:30 am Coffee Break
MODERATOR: Esra Sahingur
11:00 am A new chapter in periodontitis: the battle field between neutrophils and emerging oral pathogens
Silvia Uriate, University of Louisville School of Medicine
11:25 am Proteome and microbiome signatures in gingival tissue using PCT
Bao Kai, Karolinska Institute
11:40 am Gingival Solitary Chemosensory Cells Are Immune Sentinels for Periodontitis
Marco Tizzano, Monell Chemical Senses Center
12:05-1:30 pm Lunch on Your Own
PM Session: Bone Stem Cells and Epigenetics
MODERATOR: Dana Graves
1:30 pm Primary Cilia: Negative Regulator of Osteoclast Lineage Cells
Shuying (Sheri) Yang, Penn Dental Medicine
1:55 pm Local Induction of M2 Macrophages as a Treatment for Periodontal Disease
Charles Sfeir, University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
2:20 pm Epigenetic Approaches Targeting the Pathophysiology of Periodontitis
Jake (Jinkun) Chen, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
2:45 pm Space that matters – epigentic and genetic regulation of periodontal mineralized state
Tom Diekwisch, Texas A&M University College of Dentistry
3:10-3:40 pm Coffee Break
MODERATOR: Tom Diekwisch
3:40 pm Exploring Histones in Periodontal Disease
Rogério Castilho, University of Michigan School of Dentistry
4:05 pm Periodontal Tissue Engineering Using Additevely Manufactured Constructs
Saso Ivanovski, University of Queensland School of Dentistry
4:30 pm Optimizing Bone Regeneration
Joseph P. Fiorellini, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
4:55 pm Diabetes-induced NF-kB Dysregulation in SSCs Exacerbates Inflammation during Osseous Healing
Kang Ko, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
5:20 pm Adjourn

June 25

Time Speaker
8:30-9:30 am KEYNOTE LECTURE
Skin microbiome interactions with the host: roles in barrier function and tissue repair
Elizabeth A. Grice, University of Pennsylvania Perleman School of Medicine
AM Session: Microbiology
MODERATOR: Jorge Frias-Lopez
9:30 am Gangster or guardian: Will the real S. gordonii please stand up
Richard Lamont, University of Louisville School of Dentistry
10 am Strange bedfellows: How an oral pathogen responds to sympatric and allopatric microbes in vivo
Marvin Whitely, Georgia Tech Biological Sciences, College of Sciences
10:30 am The mouth and the gut- together in sickness and in health
Nobuhiko Kamada, University of Michigan
11-11:30 am Coffee Break
MODERATOR: Marvin Whitely
11:30 am Virulence determinants of the oral pathogen Fusobacterium nucleatum
Hung Ton-That, UCLA School of Dentistry
11:55 am Dynamics of the oral metatransriptome during periodontitis progression
Jorge Frias-Lopez, University of Florida College of Dentistry
12:20 pm Periodontal Microbiology in the Era of Omics: Are We Progressing?
Flavia Teles, Penn Dental Medicine
12:45 pm Signatures and drivers of subgingival dysbiosis
Patricia Diaz, University of Connecticut Health Center
1:10 pm Zinc chloride inhibits Eikenella corrodens lysine decarboxylase expression
Martin Levine, University of Oklahoma HSC
1:35 pm Adjourn
Tuesday Afternoon Free

June 26

Time Speaker
AM Session, Part 1: Adaptive Response
MODERATOR: Jan Potempa
8:25 am Welcome
8:30 am Control of T-cell Polarization in Response to Periodontal Infection
Dana Graves, Penn Dental Medicine
9:00 am Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans-associated periodontitis in the induction of autoimmunity
Felipe Andrade, Johns Hopkins Medicine
9:30 am Genetic Defects linked to Periodontitis
Niki Moutsopoulos, National Institutes of Health/NIDCR
10 am Determinants of periodontal lesions stability and progression
Gustavo Garlet, University of Sao Paulo School of Dentistry
10:30 am Does Porphyromonas gingivalis Contribute to Development or Severity of Alzheimer’s Disease?
Jan Potempa, University of Louisville School of Dentistry
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break
AM Session, Part 2: Research Update – Host Response
MODERATOR: George Hajishengallis
11:30 am A20 (TNFAIP3): a key regulator at the crossroad between inflammation and tissue homeostasis
Esra Sahingur, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry
11:55 am Resolution of Inflammation in Periodontitis
Tom Van Dyke, Forsyth Institute Department of Applied Oral Sciences
12:20 pm Essential protein metabolism genes of Porphyromonas gingivalis
David Scott, University of Louisville School of Dentistry
12:45 pm Vulnerable Host: Periodontal Inflammation and Atherosclerosis
Hatice Hasturk, Forsyth Institute
1:10 pm DEL-1 promotes macrophage efferocytosis and clearance of inflammation
Xiaofei Li, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine
1:35-2:30 pm Lunch on Your Own
PM Session: Research Update – Microbiology
MODERATOR: Richard Lamont
2:30 pm Localized Aggressive Periodontitis: Fact or Fancy?
Dan Fine, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
2:55 pm Bacterial invasion and persistent infection in periodontits
Youngnim Choi, Seoul National University School of Dentistry
3:20 pm Bacteria – the mothers of invention
Gene Leys, The Ohio State University College of Dentistry
3:45 pm Surface translocation by Porphyromonas gingivalis
Mary Ellen Davey, University of Florida College of Dentistry
4:10 pm The Salivary Metabolome and Microbiome Associated with Periodontal Disease and Type 2 Diabetes
Frank Scannapieco, University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine
4:35 pm Ecological balance of oral microbiota controls mesenchymal stem cell homeostasis
Yi Lu, Capital Medical University School of Stomatology
5:00-5:25 pm The Type IX Secretion System and Chronic Periodontitis
Eric C. Reynolds, University of Melbourne

June 27

Time Speaker
AM Session, Part 1: Clinical Periodontics
MODERATOR: Eric C. Reynolds
8:25 am Welcome
8:30 am Guidelines for the use of systemic antibiotics in the treatment of periodontitis
Magda Feres, Universidade Guarulhos
8:55 am Precision Peri’omics
Kimon Divaris, University of North Carolina School of Dentistry
9:20 am Periodontal Risk Profiling Based on Integrative Omics
Nagihan Bostanci, Karolinska Institute
9:45 am Dental stem cells in tissue regeneration
Songtao Shi, Penn Dental Medicine
10:15 – 10:45 am Coffee Break
MODERATOR: Magda Feres
10:45 am CTSC compound heterozygous mutations in 2 Chinese patients with Papillon-Lefèvre Syndrome
Lei Zhao, West China School of Stomatology
11:10 am Probiotic Delivery of Single-chain Antibody Against TLR2 Controls Experimental Periodontitis
Gabriel Nussbaum, Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine
11:35 am Effect of CPP-ACP Containing Gum on Gingival Inflammation and Supragingival Plaque Composition
Geoffrey Adams, The University of Melbourne
12:00 pm Shared Epitope: Linkage Between Autoimmune Arthritis and Periodontal Disease?
David Brand, Memphis VA Medical Center
12:25-1:30 pm Lunch on Your Own
PM Session: Poster Session
1:30-4:30 pm Posters
5-7 pm Gala Dinner


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