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5th International Congress on Adhesive Dentistry » Abstracts

A total of 107 poster presentations will be on view throughout the Congress. Abstracts of the research to be presented follow in the categories of:

Bonding to Tooth Structures

Abstract Authors
001 Effect of Cathepsins’ Inhibitor E-64 on Dentin-resin Bonding. Yang W.X.*, Zhang W.H., Zheng K.B., Li Y.
002 Proteoglycans Effects on Monomer Infiltration in Dentin Bonding. Zhao S.J.*, Lu S., Gao Y., Li X.J., Chen J.H.
003 Riboflavin-Modified Experimental Two-Step Etch-and-Rinse Dentin Adhesive: An in Vitro Study. Fawzy A.S.*, Daood U., Chan S.H., Neo J.
004 Effects of Dentin Treatments on Bond Strength of Etch-and-Rinse Adhesives. Campos E.A.*, Saraiva J.A., Piccioni M.A., Neves T.P.C., Tonetto M.R., Kuga M.C.
005 Incorporation of Proanthocyanidin into a Two-step Self-etch Adhesive. Fang M.*, Dou Q., Liu R.R., Tang C.F., Chen J.H.
006 Antimicrobial Activity and Dentin Bond Strength of Adhesive Systems. Andre C.B., Gomes B.P.F.A., Mageste T., Stipp R.N., Chan D.C.N., Giannini M.*
007 Microleakage-free Restorations to Dentin: our Goal in Adhesive Dentistry. Nakabayashi N.
008 Bond Strengths of Self-etch Adhesives to Acid-exposed Dentin. Rikuta A.*, Yoshida F., Furuichi T., Yokokawa M., Miyazaki M.
009 Effects of Phosphoric Acid Etching on Fatigue of Self-etch Adhesives. Takamizawa T.*, Barkmeier W.W., Tsujimoto A., Tsubota K., Latta M.A., Miyazaki M.
010 Shear Bond-strength of Modern Self-etched Adhesives to Tooth. Irie M.*, Tanaka J., Matsumoto T., Maruo Y., Nishigawa G., Yoshiyama M.
011 An All-in-one Adhesive for Dry and Moist Tooth Conditions. Uno S.*, Abo T., Suyama Y., Morigami M., Sugizaki J., Yamada T.
012 Bond Strength of Newly Developed One-step Adhesive System. Hanabusa M.*, Akimoto N., Momoi Y.
013 Comparison of a Universal Adhesive with Contemporary Adhesives. Byun C.H.*, Jang J.H., Kim D.S.
014 Bond Strengths and Microleakage of Composites Bonded with Novel Adhesives. Siso S.H., Bayrak I.*, Donmez N.
015 Shear Bond Strengths of Two New Self-etch Adhesives Containing MDP. Yesilyurt C.*, Alp C.K., Akdag M.S., Yildirim T.
016 The Role of MDP in Two-step Self-etching Bonding Agent. Matsui N.*, Takagaki T., Nikaido T., Ichinose S., Ikeda M., Tagami J.
017 Bond Strengths of Two Adhesives with Added Bioglass to Dentin. Bauer J.R.O.*, Carneiro K.K., Carvalho C.N., Meier M.M., Loguercio A.D., Martinelli J.R., Manso A.P., Carvalho R.M.
018 Bonding of a Nb-P Glass-containing Adhesive to Dentin. Carvalho R.M.*, Carvalho C.N., Meier M.M., Loguercio A.D., Martinelli J.R., Manso A.P., Bauer J.R.O.
019 Adhesion of HEMA-free Adhesives Systems to Dentin. Bacelar-Sa R.*, Bedran-Russo A.K., Nikaido T., Tagami J, Ambrosano G.M.B., Giannini M.
020 Dentin Bonding Efficacy of HEMA-containing and HEMA-free Self-etch Adhesives. Wang X.Y.*, Nakajima M., Mamanee T., Hosaka K., Tagami J.
021 Elemental Analysis of the Resin-dentin Interface Using TOF-SIMS. Kirihara M.*, Inoue G., Nikaido T., Tagami J., Momoi Y.
022 Monomers Interaction to Collagen Studied by Saturation Transfer Difference NMR. Hiraishi N.*, Otsuki M., Tagami J.
023 Remineralization Assessment of Adhesive with Simulated Pulpal Fluid Using Micro-CT. Joves G.J.*, Inoue G., Hamba H., Nikaido T., Tagami J.
024 Comparison of Bond Strengths of Self-adhesive Composite and Self-etch Adhesives. Joo S.H.*, Son H.H., Choi K.K., Kim D.S.
025 Polymerization Shrinkage and Bond Strength of Low-shrink Dental Composites. Sun X.*, Li Y.C., Xiong J., Chen J.H.
026 Retention of Flowable and Universal Composites in Cervical Restorations. Maruyama S.*, Maseki T., Nara Y.
027 Bonding of Flowable Composites to Cavity-floor Dentin after Thermomechanical Aging. Ozer F., Yaman B., Bashllari A.*, Blatz M.B.
028 Influence of Irradiation Distance on Dentin Bond Strength. Yoshikawa K.*, Matsuda T., Iwata N., Yamamoto K.
029 Dentin Bond Strength of an Experimental Composite Core. Kadowaki Y.*, Kawano S., Fu J., Hoshika S., Ikeda T., Sano H.
030 A New Ion-releasing Core Build-up Material Containing S-PRG Filler. Kimoto K.*, Shioi H., Shinno K., Nagafuji A., Jogetsu Y., Tateishi S., Nakatsuka T.
031 Influence of Oxygen-inhibited Layer on Bond Strength of Chemical-cured Resin. Kurokawa H.*, Yamaji A., Tsujimoto A., Miyazaki M.
032 Resin-dentin Bond Strength of an Experimental Resin Cement. Kawano S.*, Kadowaki Y., Fu J., Hoshika S., Nakaoki Y., Sano H.
033 Dentin Bonding Durability of Resin Cements in Self-curing Mode. Tokui H.*, Fusejima F., Kumagai T.
034 Bonding Performance of Self-adhesive Resin Cement on Contaminated Dentin Surfaces. Yaman B.C.*, Ozer F., Tiryaki M., Irmak O., Blatz M.B.
035 Influence of Chlorhexidine on Resin Cement Bond Strength Overtime. Quagliatto P.S.*, Stape T.H.S., Menezes M.S., Aguiar F.H.B., Soares C.J., Martins L.R.M.
036 Effect of Dentin Desensitizers on Resin Cement Bond Strengths. Garcia R.N.*, Takagaki T., Sato T., Matsui N., Nikaido T., Tagami J.
037 Effect of Storage Conditions on Dentin Bond Strength of Resin Cements. Suh B.I.*, Duray S.J., Chen L.
038 Microleakage and Bond Strength of Three Glass Ionomer Restoratives. Tarçın B.*, Öveçoğlu H.S., İriboz E., Arıcan B.
039 Bonding of Ceramic-Cement, Cement-Tooth & Ceramic-Cement-Tooth. Chen L.*, Shen H., Suh B.I.
040 Effect of Cyclic Load on Bonding-reliability of Metal-free Onlay Restorations. Yamada T.*, Maseki T., Nara Y.
041 Bonding Performance of a Resin Cement in Saliva-Contaminated Root Canals. Yaman B.C., Ozer F., Karabucak B., Ahmed S.F.*, Blatz M.B.
042 Effects of Application Mode and Cement on FRC Post Bonding. Zhu Z.*, McComb D., Tam L., Prakki A., Staudinger L.
043 Influence of Cement Type and Thickness on Polyfiber Post Adhesion. Uzunoglu E.*, Turker S.A., Yilmaz Z.
044 TEM Observation of Acid-base Resistant Zone on Enamel. Li N.*, Nikaido T., Takagaki T., Chen J.H., Tagami J.
045 Effect of Two Ethanol Wet-bonding Techniques on Enamel Bonding. Sadri L.*, Khoroushi M., Rafizadeh M.
046 Bonding to Deproteinized Enamel and Dentin of AI Mouse Models. Pugach M.K., Ozer F., Mulmadji R., Li Y., Kulkarni A.B., Bartlett J.D., Gibson C.W., Lindemeyer R.G.*
047 Efficacy of Antioxidants on Bond Strengths to Bleached Enamel. Senawongse P.*, Vongphan N., Leetrakulwanna C.
048 Effect of Antioxidant Following Bleaching on Bond Strength to Enamel. Turkmen C.*, Guleryuz N.
049 Effects of Pre-conditioning and Delay Light-activation on Bonding of RMGIs. Khoroushi M., Soleimani H., Farahbod F., Shirazi M.H.*
050 Ultra-high-speed Fracture Observation in Resin-dentin Interface under Microtensile Load. Hosaka K.*, Takahashi M., Nakajima M., Nishitani Y., Pashley D.H., Tagami J.

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Bonding to Dental Materials

Abstract Authors
051 Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Zirconia Ceramics after Different Treatments. Kirmali O.*, Akin H., Kapdan A.
052 Effect of Air-particle Abrasion Protocols on Bond Strength to Zirconia. Ozer F., Sinmazisik G.*, Ovecoglu H.S., Yaman B., Blatz M.B.
053 Effect of Zirconia Type and Primer on Resin Bond. Xiangfeng M.
054 Evaluation of Preservation Stability for a New Prosthetic Primer. Dodomi A.*, Hirata K., Kimura M., Yamamoto H.
055 Adhesive Properties of One-step Self-etch Adhesive to Metal and Zirconia. Bai W., Lin H.*, Zheng G.
056 Effects of Pretreatment of Zirconia with Warmed Acids on Bonding. Haifeng X.*, Zhang F.
057 Liner Effect on Veneer/Zirconia Bond Strength Using Slow Cooling Protocol. Martinez G., Bautista A., Pacheco L.F.*, Garzon H.
058 Interfacial Microstructures of Two Veneered All Ceramics. Yi Y.*, Tian J., Wang X., Wang C., Yang D.
059 Bonding between Indirect Composite and Modified Surface of Zirconia. Fushiki R.*, Komine F., Blatz M.B., Koizuka M., Taguchi K., Matsumura H.
060 Shear Bond Strengths of Bis-acrylic Materials to Single Bond Plus Aparicio A.*, Jayanetti J., Nguyen R., Mendez A.
061 Influence of Light on Bonding Performance of Dual-cure Resin Cements. Ozer F.*, Kashyap K., Yaman B., Mante F., Blatz M.B.
062 Influence of Cleaning Methods on Bond Strength to Contaminated Zirconia. Yaman B.C., Özer F., Irmak Ö.*, Kılıçarslan M.A., Mante F.K., Blatz M.B.
063 Removal of Saliva-contamination on Silicate/Metal-oxide Ceramics Before Adhesive Cementation. Bock T.*, Meier F., Koch S., Salz U., Hirt T.
064 Fracture Resistance of Direct and Indirect Laminate Veneers. Duzyol M.*, Seven N., Akgul N.
065 Water Aging Effects on Cement Bonds to Aesthetic Porcelains. Moon P.C.*, Nascimento R.F., Gomes A.C.R., Giannini M., Miguel L.C.M., Garcia R.N.
066 Bond Strength of Resin Cement to Lithium Disilicate Glass-ceramic. Wang F.*, Wang D., Yuan K., Chen J.H.
067 Aging Decreases Bond Strength of Composites to CAD/CAM Indirect Composite. Vidotti H.A.*, Carvalho R.M., Valle A.L., Paula V.G., Bonfante E.A.
068 Effect of Surface Treatments on Composite Repair Strength. Rashidi-Meibodi F., Foroozia M.*, Yousefi-Jordehi A., Jafari-Horestani M.
069 Fracture Mechanics of Bi-Material Joint Interface: A Composite Repair Model. Kim S.H.*, Mante F.K.
070 Effect of Tribochemical Silica Coating on Resin Adhesion to Titanium. Kiliçarslan M.A.*, Özak S.T., Özkan P., Mumcu E.
071 Bond Strength of Adhesives to Mineral Trioxide Aggregate. Seo M.S.*, Choi M.L.
072 Bond Strength of a Resin Composite to Glass-Ionomers. Harnirattisai C.*, Chanchalermchai P., Kuphasuk W., Senawongse P.
073 Effect of Primers on Bond Strength of Polyamide Thermoplastic Resins. Shinpo H.*, Sakurai T., Okayama S., Tokue A., Ohkubo C., Tsuchikawa M.

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Clinical Studies

Abstract Authors
074 Seven-year Clinical Evaluation of Two One-step Self-etch Adhesives. Kubo S.*, Yokota H., Yokota H., Hayashi Y.
075 Short-term Follow-up of Anterior Aesthetic Restorations. Kazak M.*, Gunal S.
076 A 16-year Study of 1155 Porcelain Laminate Veneers. Li Y.*, Zheng K.
077 Seven-year Clinical Evaluation of Restorations Repaired by Composite Resin. Ishizaki H.*, Fukushima M.
078 Temporary FRC Treatment Prior to Implant Placement: A Case Report. Saati K., Omrani Y., Toopchi SH.*
079 Preparation of a Lingual Rest Seat Using Adhesive Composite Resin. Ohkubo C.*, Kurihara D., Shimpo H., Sakurai T., Nakata T.
080 Clinical Success of Zirconia-based RBFPDs: A Literature Review. Takeichi T.*, Blatz M.B., Ito Y.

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Dental Materials

Abstract Authors
081 Evaluation of Aged Dental Composite Resins: Simulating Clinical Failures. Chiang H.K.*, Chumble A.A., Dixon S.W., Best A.M., Moon P.C.
082 Different Curing Protocols on Internal Adaptation in Class I Cavities. Tian F.C.*, Wang X.Y., Wang Z.H., Gao X.J., Sadr A., Tagami J.
083 Quantitative Microleakage Analysis of Resin Cements through Lipopolysaccharide Penetration Model. Jang J.H.*, Son H.H., Seo D.G.
084 Non-destructive Non-staining 3D Analysis of Marginal and Internal Microgaps. Sadr A.*, Shimada Y., Bista B., Bakhsh T.A., Sumi Y., Tagami J.
085 Efficacy of High-intensity LED Curing-units on Polymerization of Resin Cement. Watanabe H.*, Kazama R., Asai T., Ishizaki H., Fukushima M., Okiji T.
086 Core Thickness and Compression Surfaces Effects on Strength of All-ceramic. Sınmazışık G., Demirbaş B.*, Özer F., Gülmez T.
087 Comparative Evaluation of Fracture-resistance and Biomechanics of Post-restored Teeth. Belli S.*, Celik K., Akbulut B., Guneser B., Eraslan O., Eskitascioglu G.
088 Inhibition of MMP Activity in Acid-Etched Dentin by Gluma Treatment. Sabatini C.*, Scheffel D.L., Agee K.A., Pashley D.H.
089 Effect of a Polymerizable Cationic Monomer on Dentin MMPs. Li F.*, Liu N., Zhang L., Chen J.H.
090 Non-Protein Thiols Inhibit Dentinal MMPs and HEMA Toxicity. Nassar M.*, Hiraishi N., Shimokawa H., Tamura Y., Otsuki M., Ohya K., Tagami J.
091 Assaying Endogenous MMP-8 in Acid-etched Dentinal Cavity Walls. Kang J.*, Izutani N., D’Angelo M., Buis W., Imazato S., Blatz M.B., Ozer F.
092 Morphological Assessment of the Effect of Fluoride-containing Solutions onto Dentin. Inoue G.*, Shinagawa J., Tagami J.
093 Biofilm Inhibition by Composites Containing Bioactive Glass-Ursolic Acid. Kim S.*, Oh M., Kim H., Park J.W.
094 Bacterial Inhibition Evaluation of an Experimental Triclosan Methacrylate-Based Material. Bolzan de Paula A.*, Mei L., Stipp R.N., Alonso R.C.B., Taparelli J.R., Puppin-Rontani R.M.
095 Bacteriocidal Copper-modified Adhesive Resins. Mennito A.*, Renne W.G., Schmidt M.G., Chumanov G., Wolf B.J.
096 Evaluation of Pulpal Microleakage of Four Pulp Capping Agents. Yalcin M., Barutcigil C.*, Sisman R., Yavuz T., Orucoglu H.
098 The Effects of Capping Materials on Dental Pulp Stem Cells. Yalcin M.*, Kenar H., Dayi B., Karaoz E.
099 Characterization of Three Glass Ionomer Restorative Materials. Öveçoğlu M.L.*, Tarçın B., Öveçoğlu H.S., Gökçe H., Sınnmazışık G., Türkaydın D.
100 A New Ion-releasing Bulk Fill Composite Resin Containing S-PRG Filler. Fujimura H.*, Miyata S., Kasaba H., Kobayashi H., Kimoto K., Nakatsuka T.
101 Mechanical Properties and Radiopacity of Glass Ionomer Restoratives. Öveçoğlu H.S.*, Tarçın B., Gümrü B., Öveçoğlu M.L.
102 Evaluation of Radiopacity of Flowable Bulk-Fill Composites Using Digital Radiography. Gümrü B.*, Tarçın B., Peker S., Öveçoğlu H.S.
103 Effect of Polymer-based Coating Materials on Root Caries Prevention. Oshima M.*, Hamba H., Nikaido T., Tagami J.
104 Efficacy of ICON on Artificial Enamel Carious Lesions. Arslan S.*, Zorba Y.O., Atalay M.A., Ozcan S., Demirbuga S., Pala K., Ozer F.
105 QCM-D Analysis of Chemical Adsorption of Functional-monomer with HAp Sensor. Takagaki T.*, Nikaido T., Matsui N., Sato T., Tagami J.
106 Effect of Polishing Procedures on Color Stability of Composite Resins. Esener E.Z., Can Say E.*
107 The Effect of Whitening Mouthrinses on Color Parameters of Composite. Harorli O.T.*, Barutcigil C.

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