• Educates dental students through interactive seminars, classroom teaching and research activities –student travel award recipients for presentations at AADR/IADR.
  • Educates Penn students through participation in campus wide programs: Franklin orVagelosor CTSA scholars programs
  • Educates graduate/MD/Ph.D/DScDstudentsatPDM,PSOM, Engineering, SAS


  • Enhances global recognition through membership at prestigious institutions (AAAS, National Academies), Editor in Chief/editorial board memberships in high impact journals, awards from Foundations/American Associations, plenary/key note presentations at international conferences, etc.
  • Direct the PDM- Live Cell Confocal Imaging core
  • Promotes alumni interactions through community activities/dental clubs
  • Rabinowitz funding sponsors research awards and keynote lecture on Research Day
  • Communicates research through public events or featured stories atPennovationCenter, Wharton, PSOM, Engineering School, PDM/Penn news releases, Nature/Scientific American, BBC, NPR, WHYY, The Pulse, Penn Gazette, Penn Current, Science Café, Proudly Penn, etc.


Boesze-Battaglia laboratory

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of visual impairment in the United States, affecting more than 1.75 million individuals currently and expected to increase to almost 3 million by 2020. Halting disease progression through the degradation of toxic lipid accumulation is the focus of our studies. A series of animal models and human primary cultures have allowed us to identify metabolic and clearance pathways that we are therapeutically targeting to retain visual homeostasis.

Daniell laboratory

In order to lower the cost of biopharmaceuticals, chloroplast genetic engineering has been developed as a new platform to produce and orally or topically deliver low-cost vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. This novel production and delivery platform is agnostic to diseases or indications. The proof-of-concept has been demonstrated to treat major metabolic or genetic disorders, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension, hemophilia and retinopathy or to prevent global infectious diseases like Dental Caries, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cholera, Polio. Studies with FDA and CDC funded by the Gates Foundation, NIH SMARTT program or major pharmaceutical companies help to advance these inventions to the clinic.


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Dr. Henry Daniell has developed a novel plant-based system that allows for the oral delivery of proteins and is effective in producing and delivering vaccines (for polio, tuberculosis, and malaria) and biopharmaceuticals to treat Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension, hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, and retinopathy.

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