The mission of our department centers around three main objectives: 1)Teaching of foundational knowledge within the Biological Sciences, Foundational Sciences, and Oral Pathology courses of the PDM curriculum, 2)Contributing to the scholarship of the School of Dental Medicine and 3)Enhancing patient care through pathologic diagnostics of oral lesions.
Our faculty has expertise across the general mechanisms of pathology including inflammation, immunology, cancer biology, genetics, infectious disease and oral pathology. Among our faculty are biochemists, molecular biologists, immunologists, cell biologists and pathologists who have specialized knowledge of specific systems such as lung, brain, heart, vasculature, blood and kidney. Together, we teach across a number of the courses in the Biological Sciences, Foundational Sciences and Oral Pathology courses. In our courses, we emphasize mechanisms underlying disease processes and the morphologic changes at the gross, cellular, and ultrastructural levels with the ultimate goal of correlating these findings with clinical presentation. Using didactic, problem based learning, on-line tools, and self-initiated study, we aim to provide the knowledge base in Pathology needed for clinical practice.
Our goal is to perform cutting edge research testing the boundaries of basic science, translational medicine, and clinical sciences in each of our respective disciplines. We have active research programs focused on bacterial toxins and their link to immune function/dysfunction and periodontal disease, mechanisms of oral cancer, mechanisms of asthma, and mechanisms of neurodegeneration in neuroinflammatory disease. In addition to generating new knowledge in our research areas, we train the next generation of pre-doctoral, masters and post-doctoral scientists.
Patient Care:
We aim to ensure optimal patient care through accurate and timely diagnosis of abnormalities and diseases of the oral and maxillofacial region and to provide state of the art, comprehensive consultation and tissue diagnostic services to hospitals, generalists and specialists in dentistry and medicine.

Kelly L. Jordan-Sciutto, PhD

Chair and Professor

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Foundation Sciences III:

  • Bruce Shenker
  • Hydar Ali

Foundation Sciences IV:

  • Kelly Jordan-Sciutto

Biological Systems I, Biological Systems VIII:

  • Faizan Alawi

Biological Systems V:

  • Faizan Alawi
  • Hydar Ali

Dr. Kelly Jordan-Sciutto’s Lab

  • Bassam Zidane, DDS
  • Naela Alboloushi, DDS

Dr. Hydar Ali’s Lab

  • Ibrahim Alkanfari, DDS (working towards DSc.D)
  • Chalatip Chompunud Na Ayudhya, DDS (working towards DSc.D)
  • Abdulaziz Alblaihess, DDS (working towards MSoB)

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Mar, 2019
[Levy Research Seminar Series] Ceren Tuzmen, PhD, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

338 Levy


Mar, 2019
NEAAHP Boston Regional Meeting - Health Professions Fair

Boston Park Plaza

Boston, MA


Mar, 2019
Meeting the Oral Health Needs for Persons with Disabilities: A Training Program for Dentists and their Staffs

8:00 am – 1:00 pm

William W.M. Cheung Auditorium | Penn Dental Medicine
240 S. 40th Street, Philadelphia, PA


Apr, 2019
Campaign Kickoff Celebration - Philadelphia

The Met Philadelphia
858 North Board Street, Philadelphia, PA

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