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Denis F. Kinane, BDS, PhD

Departments of Pathology and Periodontics


  • FDS RCPS, Periodontology, Glasgow, 1993
  • FDS RCS, Restorative Dentistry, Edinburgh, 1986
  • PhD, Microbiology/Immunology, University of Edinburgh, 1983
  • BDS, University of Edinburgh, 1980


  • Morton Amsterdam Dean, Penn Dental Medicine, 2009-2017
  • IADR Distinguished Scientist, Basic Research in Periodontal Disease Award, 2012
  • Delta Dental Endowed Professor, Department of Periodontics, Endodontics & Dental Hygiene, University of Louisville School of Dentistry, 2002-2009
  • Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of Louisville School of Medicine, 2002-2009
  • Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise, University of Louisville School of Dentistry, 2002-2009
  • Director, Oral Health and Systemic Disease Research Group, University of Louisville School of Dentistry, 2002-2009
  • Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise, University of Glasgow Dental School, 2000-2002
  • Professor/Chair in Periodontology and Oral Immunology, University of Glasgow Dental School, 1994-2002
  • Executive Committee, European Academy of Periodontology, 1999-
  • Chair, Gordon Conference on Periodontal Research, 2006-2009
  • Councilor, International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Periodontal Research Group, 2002-2007
  • President, British Society for Periodontology, 2003-2004
  • President, Periodontal Research Group, IADR, 1998-1999
  • International Animal Alternatives Award, Procter and Gamble Company, 1996
  • Sir Wilfred Fish Research Prize, British Society of Periodontology, 1987
  • Editorial Board of: Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Clinical Oral Implants Research, Oral Diseases, British Dental Journal, Journal of Periodontal Research, Genes and Immunity, International Journal of Dental Hygiene, and Journal of Dental Research

Research Interests

Dr. Kinane joined Penn Dental Medicine in July 2009, serving as the Morton Amsterdam Dean through 2017. He is Professor of Pathology and of Periodontics. His research interests focus on periodontal immune and inflammatory processes, mainly addressing the causes, development, and susceptibility markers of periodontal disease. His work also examines the relationship between periodontal/other oral diseases and systemic health and diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, involving research into inflammation, immunity, microbial pathogenesis, genetics, and systemic disease markers. Among his recent studies have been investigations into what genes make people more susceptible to inflammation, gingivitis, and periodontitis (Epithelial Cell TLRs in Disease Susceptibility); the role of the metabolic enzyme GSK3 in inflammation; and the use of infrared (IR) spectroscopy in periodontal diagnosis. He has also worked on the development of a portable device to conduct salivary diagnostic tests that will measure and compare inflammatory markers between healthy, periodontitis, and edentulous patients (Development of a Portable Multianalyte Lab-on-a-Chip System for Saliva-Based Diagnostics). An internationally respected lecturer, Dr. Kinane is widely published in U.S. and international peer-reviewed journals.

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Denis F. Kinane, BDS, PhD
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