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February 03, 2012

Philly Mag’s Top Dentists 2012 Listing Names 109 Penn Dental Medicine Alumni, Faculty

Philadelphia – One hundred and nine Penn Dental Medicine alumni and current faculty members were among the Top Dentists named by Philadelphia Magazine in its February 2012 issue – making up approximately 53 percent of the 202 dentists recognized this year. The list was compiled through letters sent to all dentists in Philadelphia and the surrounding seven-county area, requesting nominations of three peers in each dental specialty and amounting to more than 4,400 nominations. The resulting list of approximately 20 top dentists in each specialty, by votes (including all those who were tied), was reviewed by an advisory board made up of nine dentists in various specialties, chosen for their credentials and the high number of votes they received.

Dr. Denis Kinane, Morton Amsterdam Dean of Penn Dental Medicine, and Dr. Elliot Hersh, Professor of Pharmacology, were also interviewed on new dental technology.

Those alumni and faculty on Philadelphia Magazine’s 2012 Top Dentists list include:

General Dentistry

36% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Linda Himmelberger, D79
Marc A. Levin, D81
Noelle Ling, D99
Marc F. Lipkin, D80 GD81
David O. Maltz, D81 GED81
Barry E. Melman, D77
Joseph Stephen Rava, D91
Hal B. Rosenthaler, D76, faculty
Larry R. Schlarb, D75
Raj Shah, faculty
Amy P. Shoumer, D02 GD04
Jonathan D. Stone, D94

Cosmetic Dentistry

50% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Alan M. Atlas, D86, faculty
Pamela G. Doray, GED 76 D84, faculty
David Faust, D87
Stephen J. Markus, D75
Jonathan Scharf, D72
Lawrence A. Schiff, GD81
Tara Sexton, D88
Dean Ford Sophocles, D87, faculty


55% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Paul J. Batastini, GD72, faculty
Normand S.Boucher, GD82, faculty
Anthony R. Costa, GD93
Catherine Foote, C00 D04, GD06, faculty
Julian D. Freeman, GD71
Charles Gemmi, GD97
Peter M. Greco, D79 GD 84, faculty
Sam S. Kadan, D95, faculty
Robert M. Kazmierski, faculty
Kevin J. Klatte, D97
Harold L. Middleberg, GD88
William W. Roberts, C72 D77 GD78
Robert Marc Stern, D87
Janine R. Trindade, D02 GD07
Orhan C. Tuncay, GD74

Pediatric Dentistry

52% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Jeffrey R. Blum, D80, faculty
Micaella Borges-Schocker, D97
Lennie Checchio, faculty
Kimberly Dondici-Chermol, DH84
Sandra Grzybicki, DH79 D97
Robin David Harshaw, D71
Winslow Harshaw, D04 GD06
Stanley Horowitz, faculty
Constance M. Killian, D81, faculty
Rochelle G. Lindemeyer, GD79,faculty
Elliott D. Maser, faculty
Amita R. Patel, D02
Douglas R. Reich, D78 GD80
Angela Stout, faculty


54% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Tom Fuji, GD01
Joseph Gian-Grasso, D71
Daniel N. Kubikian, D01 GD04 GD05 , faculty
Jay B. Laudenbach, D02 GD06, faculty
Robert A. Levine, GD84, faculty
Edward A. Marcus, faculty
Alan M. Meltzer, D72, faculty
Laura Minsk, C88 GD94
Louis F. Rose, GD70, faculty
Paul S. Rosen, D86
Leslie Salkin, faculty
Steven R. Sierakowski, D01
Robert B. Summers, C61 D65 GD67


58% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Peter Brothman, GD77
Craig A. Hurtt, D89 GD90 GD92
Alan Kirsch, GD72
Samuel I. Kratchman, GD91, faculty
Brian S. Kunz, D76 GD77
Kenneth Lee, C91 D95 GD 98, faculty
Michael Stephen Marmo, D95 GD98, faculty
Barry H. Rhome, D77 GD80
Louis E. Rossman, D75 GD 77, faculty
Irwin N. Schoengold, D77
Susan I. Silberg, D91 GD93
Martin Trope, GD82 D83
Joshua B. Wolgin, D98
Allen Yang, GD02 D04, faculty


69% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Harold S. Baumgarten, D77 GD82, faculty
Joseph B. Breitman, D78, faculty
Elizabeta Evtimovska, faculty
Howard P. Fraiman, D91 GD93 GD94, faculty
Joseph R. Greenberg, D72 GD76, faculty
Andrew M. Halbert, GD86
Jeffrey S. Ingber, GD72, faculty
David J. Kopecki, D90
Kenneth W. Laudenbach, GD73, faculty
Ernesto A. Lee, GD87, faculty
Louis Marion, faculty
Jonathan Orenstein, faculty
Harry Randel, D83
Najeed Saleh, D94, faculty
James A. Vito, D84 D87 GD90
David J. Weinstock, D87 GD89, faculty

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

46% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Michael A. Bianchi, GD85
Lee R. Carrasco, GD02, faculty
Michael T. Dachowski, D85
Robert J. Diecidue, D88
Helen Giannakopoulos, faculty
Amin Kazemi, D96 M99 GD02
Anna Kornbrot, D79 GD82, faculty
Lawrence M. Levin, D87 GD92, faculty
E. Steven Moriconi, D78 GD83
Thomas Nordone, GD83
Allan S. Shaw, D59 GD61
Keith E. Silverstein, D91 M 94 GD97 RES 97

Oral Medicine

83% of list Penn Dental Alumni & Faculty
Martin S. Greenberg, GD68 HOM 73, faculty
Joel M. Laudenbach, D98 GD04
Andres A. Pinto, D99 GD01 GR07 GR10 M10, faculty
Thomas Sollecito, D89 GD91, faculty
Eric Stoopler, D99 GD02, faculty



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