Schedule of Research Meetings

Student summer research training meetings are held on consecutive Wednesdays, throughout the summer at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Evans LL19B.

Attendance for students participating in the summer research training program is mandatory.

Seminar Title
Dr. Joseph DiRienzo 7/10/19 Welcome
Brenna Harrington 7/17/19 Study of Sox2+/- induced rescue of cleft lip and palate in Esrp1-/- mice: Analysis of ectodermal specific RNA expression profiles in the developing facial prominences
Research Mentor: Dr. Hyun-Duck Nah
Byron Hu 7/17/19 Assessment of macrophage biomarker CD73 in delineating head and neck cancer margins and potential cancer therapies
Research Mentor: Dr. Chider Chen
Vicky Hu 7/24/19 Grain size, strength and translucency of monolithic zirconia under different sintering conditions
Research Mentor: Dr. Francis Mante
Dane Kim 7/24/19 Long-term effect of third-molar extractions on normal taste functions
Research Mentor: Dr. Richard Doty
David Kim 7/31/19 Regulation of MSCs exosome exocytosis by FAS with Rab27a and SNAP25
Research Mentor: Dr. Chider Chen
Madelaine Li 7/31/19 The effect of intraflagellar transport protein IFT80 in osteocyte during orthodontic tooth movement
Research Mentor: Dr. Helen Jeon
Kevin Lou 8/7/19 FAS controls exosome/IP-10 secretion in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to accelerate wound healing in gingiva
Research Mentor: Dr. Chider Chen
Shan Yu 8/7/19 Exploration of adenosine 5’ tri-phosphate, a key pain mediator in dental pulp tissue
Research Mentor: Drs. Claire Mitchell/Elliot Hersh

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