Schedule of Research Meetings

Student summer research training meetings are held on consecutive Wednesdays, throughout the summer at 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Evans LL20A.

Attendance for students participating in the summer research training program is mandatory.

Seminar Title
Dr. Joseph DiRienzo 7/11/17 Welcome
Nicolette Almer 7/11/18 The role of IFT20 in ciliogenesis and osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Shuying Yang
Jose De La Guerra 7/11/18 Autophagy in P. gingivalis host response
Research Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia
Ryan Cho 7/18/18 Investigating the RNA binding capability of transcription factor E2F1
Research Mentor: Dr. Kelly Jordan-Sciutto
Elaine Lee 7/18/18 Effects of YAP and TAZdepletion on osteocyte mechanotransduction
Research Mentor: Dr. Joel Boerckel
Sujeong Lee 7/25/18 Effects of miltefosine on mast cell mediated pseudo-allergic and chronic inflammatory responses
Research Mentor: Dr. Hydar Ali
Yun Jee Lee 7/25/18 Role of TRPV4 in mediating calcium influx in mast cells
Research Mentor: Dr. Hydar Ali
Charles Simmons 8/1/18 Role of KSHV in transforming oral mesenchymal stem to Kaposi’s sarcoma
Research Mentor: Dr. Yan Yuan
Spencer Tazumi 8/1/18 Modulation of dendritic cell effects on periodontal disease susceptibility to microbial dysbiosis
Research Mentor: Dr. Dana Graves
Stephanie Kligman 8/8/18 The mechanism of Sox2, in ESRP1 knockout mice, in rescuing cleft lip formation at particular developmental stages
Research Mentor: Dr. Hyun-Duc Nah-Cederquist
Peter Rekawek 8/8/18 Genetic expression of Msx1, Msx2 and Int in an ESRP1-1 mouse model
Research Mentor: Dr. Hyun-Duc Nah-Cederquist
Jamie Silverberg 8/15/18 Establishing an ex-vivo novel approach to study cleft lip and palate development
Research Mentor: Dr. Hyun-Duc Nah-Cederquist
Derek Swanson 8/15/18 Determining whether cleft palates in ESRP1 / mice results for a primary defect in medial edge palatal epithelium, or secondarily from cleft lip
Research Mentor: Dr. Hyun-Duc Nah-Cederquist

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