Available Research Projects

Available Research Projects
Areas of Research
Alawi, Faizan
Associate Professor, Pathology
Honors in Research Mentor

1. Mechanisms contributing to genomic instability during oral carcinogenesis
2. Regulation of mitosis by nucleolar proteins
3. Regulation of microRNA expression

Ali, Hydar
Professor, Pathology
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Honors in Research Mentor

1. Microbial infection, epithelial cells, human β-defensins, and mast cells in innate immunity
2. Mast cells, human α-defensins, neutrophils in innate immunity and inflammation
3. Epithelial cell-derived cytokine interleukin-33 (IL-33) and mast cells in allergic asthma
4. Complement component C3a and mast cells in allergic asthma

Boesze-Battaglia, Kathleen
Professor, Biochemistry
Honors in Research Mentor

1. Control of bacterial pathogenesis through lysosomal modifications
2. Autophagy in retinal degenerative diseases
3. Role of lysosomes in P. gingivalis subversion of the innate immune response

Chen, Chider
Asisstant Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

1. CoPrecision surgery margin of head and neck tumor
2. Stem cell-based tissue regeneration and disease therapy
3. Stem cell reprogramming during craniofacial tissue development and aging

Daniell, Henry
Professor, Biochemistry & Director of Translational Research
Honors in Research Mentor

Novel oral and topical delivery of biopharmaceuticals in dental medicine

Doty, Richard
University of Pennsylvania Smell & Taste Center

1. Anatomy and physiology of innervation of human taste buds in patients with CN VIIdysfunction from middle ear operations
2. Influences of age on regional lingual deficits on taste function
3. Influences of prior third molar extractions on taste function
4. Assessment of the influences of tonsillectomies on CN IX-mediated taste function
5. Examination of electrical trigeminal pontine nerve reflexes in healthy persons and in patients with neurodegenerative disease
6. Development of norms for taste tests

Graves, Dana
Professor, Periodontics

1. The effect of inflammation on bone
2. Factors that affect wound healing
3. Regulation of the host response to periodontal pathogens
4. The effect of dendritic cells during orthodontic tooth movement (Please contact Dr. Hyeran Helen Jeon, DDS, DScD; hjeon@upenn.edu for project details.)

Jordan-Sciutto, Kelly
Associate Professor, Pathology
Biomedical Graduate Studies website
Honors in Research Mentor

1. Role of E2F1 and pRb cell cycle proteins in neruodegeneration associated with HIVencephalitis and Parkinson’s disease
2. Functional analysis of the developmentally regulated FAC1 protein as a transcription factor regulated by the Retinoblastoma cell cycle regulatory protein
3. Investigate the failure of the endogenous antioxidant response in Neurodegenerative diseases

Koo, Hyun
Professor, Orthodontics
Honors in Research Mentor

1. Role of exopolysaccharides in the assembly of biofilm matrix and microenvironments
2. Development of novel therapeutic approaches against cariogenic biofilms
3. Bacterial-fungal interactions within biofilms

Korostoff, Jonathan
Associate Professor, Periodontics
Honors in Research Mentor

Immunology of periodontal disease

Le, Anh

1. Gingiva-derived mesenchymal stem cell (GMSC)-mediated immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects and its translational and clinical applications in wound healing
2. Development of animal models and disease platforms for benign tumors of the craniofacial structures and therapeutic interventions
3. Cancer stem cells in head & neck cancer

Mante, Francis
Associate Professor, General Restorative Dentistry

1. Chemical degradation of composite restorative materials
2. Bonding between dental ceramics and cements
3. Investigation of single crystal titanium

Millar, Sarah
Professor, Dermatology and Cell & Developmental Biology, Perelman School of Medicine
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Honors in Research Mentor

1. Analyze developmental tooth defects in Wnt10a/Wnt10b double knockout mice
2. Determine the roles of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in dentin maintenance and repair
3. Test pre-clinical approaches to ameliorating defects in dental development in Wnt pathway mutant mice

Mitchell, Claire
Associate Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology
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Honors in Research Mentor

1. Mechanisms that control cytokine release from epithelial cells (extracellular and intracellular pathways and transcriptional control may also be explored)
2. Mechanisms by which mechanical strain leads to inflammatory signaling and neuronal damage (short term transmitter-dependent events and long term adaptations are examined)

Monge, Janet
Curator and Keeper & Adjunct Professor, Physical Anthropology Section, University of Pennsylvania Museum

1. The evolution of the dentition
2. Dental microstructure and histology
3. Cranio-facial form and functional morphology
4. Growth and development of the human dentition
5. The human dentition and diet

Ozer, Fusun
Associate Professor, Preventive and Restorative Sciences
Honors in Research Mentor

1. Develop a more biologically stable adhesive – dentin interface.
2. Investigate antibacterial and physical effects of new copolymers in resin bonding agents and resin luting cements.
3. Determine the contribution of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) to enzymatic degradation at resin/dentin interfaces and inhibition of MMPs in dentinal bonding.
4. Investigate bond strength values of new developed self-adhesive resins and luting cements to different material surfaces such as composite resin, different ceramic materials including zirconia and metals.

Sollecito, Thomas
Professor, Oral Medicine

Mucosal disease precancerous lesions

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