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Penn Dental Medicine has a long-standing tradition of offering research opportunities for its dental students. Students who complete a research training experience have the opportunity to present their results at national and international meetings. Penn Dental Medicine research students also have successfully competed for fellowships, awards, and research opportunities outside of the dental school.

There are many ways for students to become involved in research activities.

Summer Research Program

To qualify for the summer research, program, a student must be attending Penn Dental Medicine’s DMD program and be in good academic standing. The following links provide information to help students apply to and participate in the summer research program:

For additional information about the summer research program, contact Dr. Joseph DiRienzo, Assistant Dean for Student Research.

Research Honors Program
To qualify for Research Honors, a student must meet requirements separate from the summer research program. The following link provides information for application to the Research Honors Program: Application information

For additional information about the Research Honors Program contact Dr. Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia, Director of the Research Honors Program.

DScD and MSOB Programs
Penn Dental Medicine offers advanced research programs for postdoctoral students through the Doctor of Science in Dentistry and the Master of Science in Oral Biology.

The Vernon Brightman Research Society
The Vernon Brightman Research Society is Penn Dental Medicine’s student research group chapter of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) National Student Research Group (NSRG).
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Student Research
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