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3rd Penn Periodontal Conference – June 25-June 30

Penn Dental Medicine is pleased to present the third biennial Penn Periodontal Conference, here on the University of Pennsylvania campus. Over these five days — June 25 to June 30 — we anticipate that the Penn Periodontal Conference will provide a forum to exchange the latest research on the breadth of clinical, translational, and basic sciences in periodontology.

The program will feature presentations by highly respected researchers on the topics of inflammation, microbiology, periodontal therapy, stem cell regeneration, bio-engineering and osseo-immunology. Areas of discussion will include innate and adaptive immunity, bone remodeling, oral medicine, disease specificity, epigenetics, systems biology, -omics, and clinical microbiology.

We anticipate a wealth of knowledge will be shared as we bring together colleagues from around the word. The interactive atmosphere will offer many occasions to explore ideas and research collaborations.

As in the last two conferences, which had more than 200 attendees each time, a vast majority were highly active postdoctoral researchers and PhD students with the remainder being highly accomplished researchers. We believe that this combination and this forum will be of critical importance to advances in our discipline and in career development.

We welcome you to Philadelphia and the Penn campus.

Denis F. Kinane, BDS, PhD
Dean and Professor of Periodontology and Pathology

Dana T. Graves, DDS, DMSc
Vice Dean for Scholarship and Research and Director, Doctor of Science in Dentistry Program

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