The University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine is dedicated to helping students finance a Penn Dental Medicine education. The School looks at the cost of a student’s education (Graduate Cost of Attendance) as a commitment involving the student and his or her family with financial assistance available through several sources.

International, advanced standing (PASS), advanced graduate degree, and Graduate Dental Education (GDE) students will only be considered for non-University-based funding (Federal loan, if applicable, and private/alternative loans). (Graduate Cost of Attendance) Please note that with the exception for the first semester, PASS students will have the same cost of attendance budget as the third- and fourth-year students once they join those classes. Penn Dental Medicine and Penn’s Student Registration and Financial Services are available to assist you in locating sources according to your educational program and needs.

Finance your Penn Dental Medicine education through the following resources:

Penn Dental Medicine Financial Aid

Federal Loan Options

General Student Scholarships

Minority Student Scholarships

International Student Scholarships


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