Summer 2023 Student Researchers

Over the summer, students engaged in a variety of research projects through the Summer Research Program. Their projects and faculty preceptors included the following.

Project Student Researcher Faculty Program
Investigation of Anti-Adhesive Biomaterial in Multi-Species Oral Biofilm Dynamics Acuna, Manuel Geelsu Hwang Summer Research
Surface Glass Infiltration of Additive Manufactured Dental Zirconia for Strength and Functionalities Barckhausen, Anna Yu Zhang Summer Research
Investigating the Impact of Different Antibiotic Regimen Button, John Brian Ford Summer Research
Assessing Adolescent Patients’ and Parents’ Attitudes to the Role of Dentists in Human Papillomavirus and Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccinations Ge, Angelina Katherine France Summer Research
State Policies and Population Factors as Predictors for Accepting Dental Administration of Vaccination Greenberg, Sarah Katherine France Summer Research
The Impact of Probiotic Species on Biofilm Formation of Cariogenic Species Joung, Michelle (Sihyun) Geelsu Hwang Summer Research
Oct4/Pgc1 Axis Regulates Orofacial Mesenchymal Stem Cells’ Metabolic Switch Khayata, David Chider Chen Summer Research
Oral Delivery of Pro Insulin Kumar, Ajay Henry Daniell Summer Research
Automated Cone-beam CT Detection and Classification for Improved Recognition of Dens Invaginatus Kung, Mady Frank Setzer Summer Research
Regulation of Osteoclastogenesis via Bone Marrow Adipocyte Derived Cxcl12 Lekumovich, Regina Chider Chen Summer Research
The Nature and Rate of Relapse Associated with the Le Fort III Advancement: A Clinical and Cephalometric Study Maccarone, Peyton Hyun-Duck Nah Summer Research
Efficacy of Photo-modulation Therapy in Preventing Bacterial Proliferation on Human Gingival Keratinocytes Min, Tiffany Geelsu Hwang Summer Research
Analysis of Patient Knowledge and Perception of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection and Vaccine Niu, Megan Katherine France Summer Research
10-Year Clinical Performance Evaluation of Two Fluoride-Releasing Giomers Pang, Brittnie Fusun Ozer Summer Research
Delivery of Plant Derived Enzymes via Chewing Gum as a Means of Dental Biofilm Disruption Patel, Sneh Henry Daniel Summer Research
A Retrospective, Single-Cohort Analysis of the Prevalence of Oral Conditions Associated with Anti-VEGF Biologic Agents Raucci, Alexander Katherine France Summer Research
The Impact of Xerostomic Medications on Salivary Flow in Post-Radiation Head and Neck Cancer Patients: Results of the OraRad Study Rose, Adam Thomas Sollecito Summer Research
Utility of Synthetic Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (LGM2605) in Modulating Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans Infection Schneider, Sherry Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia Summer Research
Investigation of Novel Cell Death Mechanism for Periodontal Inflammation in Humans Shaaf, Emon Kang Ko Summer Research
Investigating the Effect of Fungal-Derived ћ-glucan on Trained Osteoclastogenesis Shah, Anisha George Hajishengallis Summer Research
Near-infrared Fluorescence Imaging Through Radiopaque Zirconia Crowns for Caries Detection Shammah, Davey Yu Zhang Summer Research
Dynamic Oral Biofilm Characterization with Customizable 3D Printed Platform Tao, Kevin Geelsu Hwang Summer Research
In vitro Comparative Study Between Full-Arch Abutment Level Implant Impressions with Different Scan Bodies – A Pilot Study Wyszkowski, Stefanie Julián Conejo Summer Research
The Role of Ferumoxytol in SCAP-Based Bone Graft Yan, Timothy Chider Chen Summer Research
Exploring Dental Disparities in the LGBT Community: A Comprehensive Analysis of Oral Health Needs, Barriers to Care, and Culturally Competent Practices Yu, Claire Joan Gluch Summer Research
Examining the Role of Immunoregulatory Oral Fibroblasts in Experimental Periodontitis Zhou, Jonathan Kang Ko Summer Research