Summer 2022 Student Researchers

Over the summer, students engaged in a variety of research projects through the Summer Research Program. Their projects and faculty preceptors included the following.

Project Student Researcher Faculty Program
Analyzing intrinsic strength and translucency parameter of Novel Glass Ceramics Sandra Avila Yu Zhang Summer Research
Modulatory roles of primary cilia biogenesis in orofacial stem cell responsiveness to irradiation Kelsey Busch Sunday Akintoye Summer Research
The Effect of NF-kappaB in Mesenchymal Stem Cells During Orthodontic Tooth Movement Fionna Chan Helen Jeon Summer Research
A 3D-Printed Customizable Platform for Dynamic Studies of Oral Biofilms Stephanie Dominguez Geelsu Hwang Summer Research
The Effect of Yttria Gradient Composition on Flexural Strength of Printed Zirconia Stephanie Ferrer France Mante and Michael Bergler Summer Research
The Effect of Aging on Mesenchymal Stem Cells Response during Maxillary Expansion Lindsay Fisher Helen Jeon Summer Research
Direct Experimental Validations of VFEM Stress Analysis of PVZ and PVLD Crowns Steven Fredeen Yu Zhang Summer Research
Comparing the Immunomodulatory Functions of Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Gingiva-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell (GMSC) and Neural Crest Stem Cell (NCSC) on Macrophage Polarization Simran Grewal Qunzhou Zhang Summer Research
The role of NF-kB in mesenchymal stem cells during tensile force-induced bone remodeling Sara Ha Helen Jeon Summer Research
White Spot Lesion Reduction with the use of Chloroplast-made enzymes infused Chewing Gum Mira-Belle Haddad Henry Daniell Summer Research
Skeletal and Dental Manifestations of Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Clinical Presentation and Determinants for Orthodontic Intervention Chelsea Herr Hyun-Duck Nah-Cederquist Summer Research
The Effect of Fisetin on Senescence Markers in Gingival Keratinocytes Megan Hung Esra Sahingur Summer Research
Do Diurnal Rhythms Modulate Pain Perception Induced by Third-Molar Extraction? Nina Iradi Katherine Theken Summer Research
Acceptance of HPV/COVID Vaccines from Dentists Dana Kost Katherine France Summer Research
In vitro comparative study between full-arch implant level impressions with intraoral scanning systems – a pilot study. Matthew Lee Julian Conejo Summer Research
Effect of Intracanal Medicaments on Survival of Stem Cells of Apical Papilla Kristin Lee Sumin Lee Summer Research
Investigating the role of epithelial origin in peri-implant tissue attachment and health Charlotte Lenes Kang Ko Summer Research
Effect of B and T Cell Inhibitor Biological Agents on Oral Health Neda Mahjour Katherine France Summer Research
Nanog/Pgc1α Regulates Mitochondrial Respiration for Craniofacial Tissue Homeostasis Trenton Marshall Chider Chen Summer Research
TET2-mediated clonal hematopoiesis effects on T lymphocytes Kathryn Mason George Hajishengallis Summer Research
Exploring the effects of layering techniques on the strength of novel gradient zirconia. Ryan Noseworthy Yu Zhang Summer Research
Effect of hydrodynamic conditions on biofilm formation Teny Odaimi Geelsu Hwang Summer Research
Trafficking of LtxA in Human Monocytes, Implications for Aggressive Periodontitis Eleanor Rhodehamel Kathleen Boesze-Battaglia Summer Research
Infection Control of Regenerative Endodontic Procedures: Effectiveness of an All-in-One Irrigating Solution Andrea Riccobono Sumin Lee Summer Research
The Effects of Interleukin Inhibitors on Oral Health Shivani Shah Katherine France Summer Research
The Effect of Zeolite Incorporation on the Long-term Antibacterial and Anticariogenic Properties of Silver-Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement Jessica Tan Fusun Ozer Summer Research
Oral and Dental Status of Patients taking TNF-Antagonists Nila Veerabagu Katherine France Summer Research
Investigation of Systemic Inflammatory Markers in Blood Plasma Collected from Dental Implant Surgery Patients Treated with OTC Naproxen-Sodium (Aleve) or Acetaminophen David Wall Katherine Theken Summer Research