Division of Pediatric Dentistry

Division of Pediatric Dentistry

The educational mission of the Pediatric Dentistry Division at the University of Pennsylvania Dental Medicine is to provide our pre-doctoral students and residents with the necessary knowledge and skills to practice in an ethical, patient-centered, evidence-based manner in the specialty of pediatric dentistry. During their pediatric dental rotations the pre-doctoral students care for their own pediatric patients but they also work closely with the pediatric dental residents so that they are exposed to the advanced care modalities of pediatric dentistry practice.

Our two-year residency Program in Pediatric Dentistry is designed to offer the pediatric dental residents a balanced clinical and didactic curriculum in advanced care for the infant, child, and adolescent, as well as the patient with special health care needs. In their training, our residents become proficient in the use of non-pharmacological techniques and have a strong exposure in pharmacological methods used in the management of the anxiety and uncooperative behavior of pediatric and special needs patients. Through our affiliation with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the pediatric dental residents care for patients with extremely rare and complex medical conditions.

The division is also active in research. Numerous clinical studies in early childhood caries and in the care of special health care needs patients are underway with both pre-doctoral students and residents participating. Combined research and certificate programs in pediatric dentistry are available.

Evlambia Harokopakis-Hajishengallis, DMD, DDS, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, Division Chief of Pediatric Dentistry, Director of Postdoctoral Pediatric Program

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The board-certified and board-eligible pediatric dentists and oral maxillofacial surgeons staffed at the Division of Dentistry are experts in providing care for children with special medical, physical, and emotional needs.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Division of Dentistry

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