University Housing

The University offers a variety of living options for graduate and professional students. On campus, Penn offers apartments designed for single, double, or married occupancy in fully-furnished, high-rise residences, featuring conveniences such as central air conditioning, a parking garage, shops, and laundry facilities. On-campus residence combines the privacy of apartment-style living with facilities and programming to foster a sense of community. More information can be obtained from the University’s Office of Residential Living.

There are thirteen College Houses at the University of Pennsylvania with roughly 6000 residents. Each House has a Faculty Director, one or more Fellows, a House Director, a House Coordinator, a plentiful staff of student Residential Advisors (RAs) and Graduate Resident Advisors (GRAs), student Information Technology Advisors (ITAs), and many student managers in key positions. Graduate Resident Advisors are graduate students who live in the houses to provide programming and counseling for undergraduate students and receive free housing, a meal plan, and other perks in exchange. For information regarding Graduate Advisor positions available in Penn’s college houses, please visit the University’s website for College Houses and Academic Services.

Off-Campus Living

The Philadelphia area offers a range of possibilities for off-campus. With a cost of living surprisingly low in comparison to other major U.S. cities, apartments and houses can be found for any budget within commuting distance of the University. More information on the University’s off-campus housing options is available through the University’s Office of Off-Campus Living.