OMS Research Collaborative

The OMS Research Collaborative was established as a collaborative program between Penn Dental Medicine and the UT Health Houston School of Dentistry to further inter-institutional collaborations in OMS research on a broad scale. Oftentimes, OMS academic faculty with early-stage research ideas may not have easy access to a national audience for feedback, given that traditional avenues for research dissemination tend to be AAOMS conference abstracts or manuscripts. To lower this research “entry barrier”, the OMS Research Collaborative provides individuals the opportunity to briefly present research ideas in an “elevator pitch” format to an OMS clinician/scientist audience using the ZOOM virtual meeting platform. These virtual meetings are typically kicked off by introductory lectures from OMS academic luminaries followed by the 5-minute pitch sessions, after which speakers are placed in individual ZOOM breakout rooms to have more in-depth discussions with interested audience members. Past speakers have provided positive feedback related to establishing collaborators in multi-institutional studies and receiving valuable input from OMS around the country. Explore the presenters and their researchers from past sessions.


Dr. Neeraj Panchel Simon W. Young     
Penn Dental Medicine UT Health Houston School of Dentistry