Basic & Translational Sciences

Basic & Translational Sciences

The Department of Basic and Translational Sciences brings together the School’s basic sciences faculty in the areas of anatomy and cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, and pathology into one unified department. Spanning common research between lab groups, interdisciplinary collaboration creates a synergy to leverage the collective potential of faculty, testing the boundaries of basic science, translational medicine, and clinical sciences to support and advance research across disciplines.

Dr. Henry Daniell has developed a novel plant-based system that allows for the oral delivery of proteins and is effective in producing and delivering vaccines (for polio, tuberculosis, and malaria) and biopharmaceuticals to treat Alzheimer’s, diabetes, hypertension, hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, and retinopathy.

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Altering Bone Marrow Can ‘Train’ Innate Immune System for Future Challenges

George Hajishengallis of the School of Dental Medicine and an international team of colleagues have found that “training” the immune system causes changes in the precursors of immune cells in the bone marrow. These changes could facilitate a more robust response to future infections or even enable the immune system to regenerate faster after chemotherapy.


To Resolve Inflammation, Location Matters

Where a protein is expressed can influence its action. Dr. George Hajishengallis and colleagues from the School of Dental Medicine have identified one that plays a key role in getting the body back to normal after inflammation


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Modeling the Most Common Form of Vision Loss in Older Adults

A new model of age-related retinal degneration, developed with leadership from the School of Dental Medicine, will give researchers a deeper understanding of the disease, as well as possible ways to prevent or treat it.


Robert P. Ricciardi, MA, PhD


Professor of Basic & Translational Sciences

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