The close association between Penn Dental Medicine and other professional schools, departments, and divisions of the University affords unique opportunities for exceptional students able to meet the rigorous application standards of both Penn Dental Medicine and a second program at the University of Pennsylvania.Students interested in an academic career most often consider the dual-degree option. Students who wish to pursue a dual-degree program must submit an application to the Penn Dental Medicine Dual-Degree Admissions Committee through the Office of Academic Affairs. Students should be aware that there is no guaranteed acceptance into a companion program. In addition, each program sets its own admission standards and acceptance into the DMD program does not constitute automatic approval for a companion program. Among the current dual-degree program options are:


Programs which can be completed in four years:
A student enrolled in a dual degree program must complete the Masters program prior to obtaining the DMD diploma. Any extension must be submitted to and approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. (Students apply for these programs during the spring semester of their D1 year.)


Degrees extending beyond four years:
Hear directly from our students:

All dual-degrees involve tuition at the level of each respective program (some financial assistance may be available).