Penn Dental Medicine begins accepting applications for the 2024-25 application cycle through CAAPID beginning March 7, 2024. Our application deadline is June 1, 2024.

Upon our receipt of your application from CAAPID you will receive an email with a link to our supplemental application followed by a link to submit a nonrefundable application fee in the amount of $75. Only complete applications will be considered. Incomplete applications will be withdrawn from further consideration on June 1, 2024.

  • Note: Due to the high volume of applications (over 1,200 for the 2023-2024 application cycle), it is recommended that complete applications be submitted well in advance of the deadline date.
  • For the 2023-24 application cycle over 50% of all applications were submitted to CAAPID by May 1, 2023.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. The Admissions Office cannot be held liable for any delays caused by the U.S. Postal Service or other mail delivery systems. All application materials and documents become the property of Penn Dental Medicine and will not be returned to the applicant.

DDS/DMD or equivalent from your home country. Provisional certificate is not accepted.

Clinical Experience – An important factor in the selection process of applicants to the Program for Advanced Standing Students is an applicant’s clinical experience gained both outside the U.S. and in the U.S. and/or Canada. However, applicants with comprehensive understanding of the U.S. and/or Canadian dental practice model receive priority in our process. As such, applicant should gain substantial clinical experience in one or more U.S. and/or Canadian dental practice settings, prior to submission of their application. While experience in the dental specialties enhances an applicant’s overall understanding of the U.S. and/or Canadian dental practice model, experiences gained in one or more general dental practice settings is preferred.

  • U.S./Canada Clinical Experience – priority will be given for candidates with significant clinical experience in the U.S. and Canada, such as shadowing (paid or unpaid) dental practices, working as dental assistant, and/or dental hygienist.
  • Non U.S. Clinical Experience – experience as a practicing, licensed dentist in home country will be evaluated.

The following documents must be submitted along with the CAAPID application to the application service by the June 1, 2024 deadline:

Official National Dental Board Examination (NDBE) Scores — passing official NBDE Part I and Part II, or INBDE scores are required for all applicants. Do not submit official ADA National Board scores to Penn Dental Medicine. Official ADA National Board scores must be submitted to ADEA CAAPID.

Official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores — an official TOEFL score is required for all applicants (including native English speakers) who have received their dental degree from a non U.S. dental school. Do not submit official TOEFL scores to Penn Dental Medicine. Official TOEFL scores must be submitted to ADEA CAAPID.

  • While there is no minimum TOEFL score, serious consideration will be given to applicants with Internet-based test (iBT) scores of 90 and above. The average iBT TOEFL score for the class entering January 2024 was 102.
  • TOEFL scores from July 2022 and later are required for admission.
  • For information and registration materials, visit TOEFL.

Official Course-By-Course Evaluation conducted by ECE (Educational Credential Creditors). The Course-By-Course evaluation report provides the U.S. equivalence of each educational credential plus a list of courses taken and their U.S. and grade equivalents. It also identifies upper level courses and grade point averages. For more information, visit Your official ECE Course-By-Course evaluation must be submitted to ADEA CAAPID.

Three letters of evaluation— All letters of evaluation must be submitted through ADEA CAAPID. Only letters appearing on letterhead stationery including the evaluator’s original hand-written signature will be considered. Applicants should inform their evaluators of the above letter requirements at the time letters are being requested through ADEA CAAPID.

  • One letter must come from the Dean or director of the applicant’s primary dental school.
  • One letter must come from a faculty member of the same institution.
  • One letter must come from a supervising dentist at a U.S. or Canadian dental practice where you were employed, volunteered or observed.

Penn Dental Medicine understands that ADEA CAAPID limits applicants to just three letters of evaluation which may not meet the letter requirements of the many schools to which applicants are applying. To address this, we have developed a process by which applicants can provide us with those letters when an application enters our letter validation process. The letter validation process begins after we have received a complete application from ADEA CAAPID, a complete Supplemental Application and application fee.

During our letter validation process, applicants who have submitted letters that do not meet our requirements to include type of evaluator, missing title and/or original hand-written signature, or letter does not appear on letterhead, will be notified and provided the opportunity, through our applicant portal, to submit a request directly with your evaluator. Unfortunately, this process cannot be facilitated in advance of our letter validation process. Requested letters must be submitted, only by your evaluators, directly through the Penn Dental Medicine applicant portal. Letters received via email or postal mail will not be considered unless approved in advance by admissions personnel. Please note that this is not an opportunity to add additional letters of evaluation other than those originally submitted.

Residency Status — Penn Dental Medicine maintains no specific residency or visa requirements to submit an application. Please note, however, that your residency status should allow you to gain the clinical experience required for a comprehensive understanding of the U.S. and/or Canadian dental practice model in order to present a competitive application. Refer to Clinical Experience above for additional information.

Additional factors which can enhance your application — Additional degrees or certificates (post graduate training as specialty certificate, master’s or doctoral degree)

Please note that the application includes two components:

  • CAAPID Application – The 2024-2025 CAAPID Application Cycle opens on March 7, 2024.
  • Penn Dental Medicine PASS Supplemental Application — The Supplemental applications is made available to applicants upon our receipt of the applicant’s CAAPID application.

Penn Dental Medicine participates in the American Dental Education Association’s (ADEA) Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists (CAAPID). The CAAPID Application must be completed via the ADEA web site, ADEA Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists (CAAPID).For more information or questions regarding this application, email: or phone: 617-612-2235, Monday — Friday from 9 a.m. — 5 p.m.

The CAAPID application must be submitted to the centralized application service by June 1, 2024. Applications received after the deadline by the centralized application service will not be processed.

Applicants will be notified one time via email once their application has been received by Penn Dental Medicine and if any application documents are missing. This process may take up to two weeks once the CAAPID application has been received. There will be no subsequent notification of missing documents. All applicants will be notified via email once their application is complete. It is the applicant’s responsibility to apprise the Admissions Office of changes to contact information in order to assure accurate notification of status changes.

Penn Dental Medicine seeks applicants with exceptional educational and clinical backgrounds who have completed their dental degree in a non-U.S. dental school. Penn Dental Medicine looks for dental professionals who will advance oral health care and gives preference to those who also demonstrate a commitment to excellence and leadership through extracurricular activities, community service, research, academic preparation, clinical experience in their home country and in the United States.

  • Strong preference will be given for candidates with significant exposure to dental experience in the U.S./Canada.
  • GPA – Careful consideration will be given to those with strong academic records.
  • Applicants who have passed NBDE Part I and II, the INBDE.
  • Although there is no minimum TOEFL score, serious consideration will be given to applicants with Internet-based test (iBT) scores of 90 and above. The average iBT TOEFL score for the class entering January 2024 was 102.
  • Applicants with strong academic credentials and a demonstrated commitment to the profession will be considered for an interview.

Highly competitive candidates will be notified via email to interview at Penn Dental Medicine. While an interview does not guarantee acceptance, applicants with strong credentials are required to appear for personal interviews (approximately 100 candidates are invited to interview). PASS interviews are conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The interview day starts at 8:30 a.m. and consists of an overview of the PASS program and financial aid, lunch discussion and tour of the dental school with current PASS students. There is no bench exam.

Applicants who are extended an interview are required to provide us with the following documentation either prior to or on the day of the scheduled interview. Do not send us these documents unless you have been extended an invitation to participate in the PASS interview process.

  • Dental School Diploma – we will accept a notarized copy of your original dental school diploma with a certified English translation, if needed.
  • Official Dental School Transcripts – we will accept either an original sealed official transcript or a notarized copy of your official dental school transcript. If your transcript is in a language other than English, we will require a certified English translation.

Please note that these documents will not be returned to you. Once in our possession they become the property of the University of Pennsylvania.

An important factor in the selection process for participants in the Program for Advanced Standing Students is the applicant’s demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with patients in the clinical setting and to learn successfully within the academic environment. Successful candidates will demonstrate strong verbal skills during the interview process.

Final decisions for acceptance are based upon review of the application, results from the personal interview, and submission of a writing sample. Final acceptance will be determined by the members of the Admissions Committee. Admissions decisions will begin on rolling basis until the class is full. A class size of approximately 35 is anticipated for the class entering January 2025. Upon acceptance notification, applicants must submit a $1,500 non-refundable deposit within several weeks of the date of acceptance. A second non-refundable deposit in the amount of $2,500 is due September 1. Both deposits will be applied toward tuition. Applicants accepted after September 1 are obligated to pay both deposits totaling $4,000 within 10 days of acceptance. After November 1, deadline dates for nonrefundable deposits will be at the discretion of the Office of Admissions.

All reapplicants must resubmit a CAAPID application, Penn Dental PASS Supplemental Application and application fee. Documents from prior application/s cannot be carried forward.

Criminal Background Checks – All matriculating students are required to complete a criminal background check prior to matriculation. It is possible that infractions as a result of a background check could prevent an accepted applicant from matriculating at Penn Dental Medicine. Please note that professional licensure requirements may prohibit individuals with criminal convictions from ultimately obtaining a professional license. Licensure requirements vary by state. Prospective students are encouraged to consult state licensing agencies for more information.

Health and Immunization Requirements – All admitted students must meet The University of Pennsylvania and Penn Dental Medicine’s health and immunization requirements prior to matriculation. Matriculating students will be asked to provide Student Health Services and Penn Dental Medicine with proof of immunizations prior to matriculation. Students must remain in compliance for the duration of their enrollment at the University of Pennsylvania.


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