Career and Professional Develpment Series- Navigating and Networking for Your First Job

Feb, 2012

Have you thought about your career after dental school? Topics to be discussed in this presentation are:
• Job expectations … from interviewing questions, to what to expect as far as benefits, salary, etc
• The best places to locate an associate position
• The do’s and don’ts when it comes to associate/partnership opportunities … how to make this a successful transition rather than a nightmare
• What the potential employer is looking for from a new associate
• The “pitfalls” of whether or not an office can substantiate an associate in the practice
• What dental practitioners are looking for in the CV
• How to network in the dental community
• What it takes not to be a “job hopper” the first 18 months after leaving dental school

The Henry Schein transitions team would like to help you with the above as well as how to turn a successful associateship into either a partnership or buy out. The Schein team has a wealth of knowledge about the local dental community as well as connections to every dental market place in the US. Please join us for lunch on Feb 29th at noon in room B-60.