Department of Orthodontics Alumni Meeting

Jan, 1970

Dr. J. Douglas “Doug” Thran of Clarks Summit, Pa., will preside over this 59th annaul meeting.

This year’s J. Henry O’ Hern Jr. Alumni Day Lecture will be delivered by Dr. William “Bill” Arnett, who is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthodontics at Loma Linda University and in the private practice of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Dr. Arnett is world renowned for his expertise in orthognathic surgery. Dr. Arnett’s lecture will address several issues common to orthodontists and oral surgeons, including sleep apnea and facial, airway, and occlusal diagnosis/treatment planning. This presentation will explore the etiologies, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, including occlusal correction. The presentation will also describe diagnostic protocols used to correct not only the occlusion, but also facial esthetics and the airway.

Attendees are eligible to receive seven continuing education credit hours for the Alumni Meeting program.

Orthodontics alumni interested in attending should contact Barbara Delregino, “” , 215-898-5910.