Goldin Seminar for Life Skills

Dec, 2011

The Goldin Seminar for Life Skills sponsored by Dr. Mickey Goldin, C’60, D’64, and Harriet Goldin, CW’62, presents “Introduction to Ergonomics: Working Smart for a Healthy Career,” featuring Alexandra Rella, PT, DPT, and Valerie Perez, MS, CHO.

Your neck, back, and spine play important roles in your future well-being. How can you practice dentistry without injuring yourself? How can you be proactive with your body? What might you consider for work spaces, equipment, and furnishings? This Goldin Seminar for Life Skills will explore important strategies for thinking and planning ahead.

h2. About the Speakers

Alexandra Rella, PT, DPT is the Injury Prevention Specialist for the University of Pennsylvania Health System. She is a Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist who establishes and monitors ergonomic programs across the health system. Alexandra is a Physical Therapist, who has extensive experience in education as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Sciences in Philadelphia.

Valerie Perez, MS, CHO has a Masters degree in Industrial Hygiene from Purdue University. She is a University of Pennsylvania Industrial Hygienist with fifteen years of experience in Occupational Health & Safety, and she serves as a University of Pennsylvania Ergonomic Program Administrator.

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