Micro Prosthodontics Hands-on Course

Jul, 2019
08:00 AM-05:00 PM

Penn Dental Medicine
240 South 40th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


This one-day, 7 CDE-credit course offers hands-on training on using dental microscopy for prosthodontic treatment. Participants will learn all microscope adjustments, optimal operating positions, usage of appropriate burs for different preparation designs, interim crown margination, and crown marginal adaptation evaluation under the microscope.

Educational Objectives:

  • ​Understand microscope focus, parfocal, and practice position exercises
  • Simulate single tooth preparation for all ceramic restoration
  • Interim crown fabrication and marginal adaptation evaluation
  • Build confidence and efficiency, participants practice complete preparations of on anterior, and/or posterior teeth on dental mannequins under the microscope.

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