Speaker: Dacheng Ren, Ph.D., Syracuse University

Sep, 2014

h3. Speaker

“Dacheng Ren, Ph.D.”:https://dren.expressions.syr.edu/
Associate Professor
Director, Chemical Engineering Graduate Program
Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Affiliate Faculty)
Department of Biology (Affiliate Faculty)
Syracuse Biomaterials Institute
Syracuse University

h3. Title

How do bacteria read the map: effects of surface properties on cell adhesion and biofilm formation

Bacterial biofilms are hydrated surface-adherent structures with sessile bacterial cells embedded in extracellular matrices. With high resistance to antimicrobials, biofilms are ubiquitous and are a major cause of chronic infections in humans and persistent biofouling in industry. Despite the significance of bacterial biofilms, the mechanism of biofilm formation and associated drug tolerance is still not fully understood. Using surfaces with well controlled surface chemistry, topography, and stiffness, we obtained important new information about the effects of these factors on biofilm formation and the roles of motility and cell-cell signaling. In this presentation, we will review our recent progresses in this area and discuss how to use the results to guide the design of anti-fouling strategies.