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2013-2014 Expense Budget Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Tuition $66,322 $66,322 $66,322 $66,322
General Fee 2,492 2,492 2,492 2,492
Room and Board 16,798 18,538 18,538 16,798
Books and Supplies 1,209 1,209 1,209 1,209
Miscellaneous *7,143 5,981 ***8,601 7,460
Instrument Mgt. Service **8,176 7,056 6,376 6,132
Technology Fee 658 658 658 658
Clinical Apparel 204 204 873 791
Total $103,002 $102,460 $105,069 $101,862

The educational budget, as outlined, is revised annually.

Covers full-time attendance at the School of Dental Medicine.

General Fee
Covers access to University libraries, graduate student activities, recreational facilities, and other University services not directly associated with specific courses.

Room and Board
Allowance reflects an average off-campus shared residence on a ten-month basis for first and fourth year students, and an eleven-month basis for second- and third-year students.

Books and Supplies
Includes required textbooks and classroom supplies.

Includes health insurance, background checks, clinic fee, loan fees, and personal expenses. *This estimate is higher in the 1st-year to provide an additional allowance for mandatory disability insurance ($52) and to purchase required loupes and lights. ***This estimate is higher in the 3rd year to provide an additional allowance for the first licensing exam.

Instrument Management Service
Charge over four years for all required instrumentation and sterilization services. **The IMS fee is higher in the first and second years in order to purchase additional required dental equipment.

Technology Fee
Established to advance and improve computer technology at the School of Dental Medicine.

Clinical Apparel Fee
Covers apparel required in all laboratory and clinical settings and is provided by a local linen supplier.

Additional costs directly related to attending our program may necessitate an increase in the educational budget in order to be able to borrow additional funding. Requests for an increase in the budget should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Services at 215-898-1988.

Note: Students eligible for School of Dental Medicine need-based grant can receive this support for a maximum of four years.

For additional information, see Financial Aid.

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