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Program Fees

Fees for the Master of Science in Oral Biology (MSOB) program vary based on the specific postgraduate specialty program. Residents in the two-year programs (Endodontics, Orthodontics, and Oral Medicine) are required to pay associated fees at the beginning of the year devoted to the MSOB program. When residents are working on an intra- or extramurally funded research project, they are eligible for a stipend, half of which is merit-based and awarded at the discretion of the MSOB Advisory Panel at the end of the research year.

Residents in the three-year Periodontics program as well as the four-year Periodontal-Prosthesis and combined Orthodontics-Periodontics program, should be able to complete the requirements for the MSOB program within their residency term. If additional time is required to conclude their research activities, students will be allowed up to 6 months beyond the graduation date of their class on a fee-free basis. Should more than 6 months be needed, the student may be required to pay a prorated program fee.

2016-2017 Masters of Science in Oral Biology Educational Expenses
Tuition Fee $37,488
General Fee 2,788
Technology Fee 896
Room and Board 20,188
Books and Supplies 1,320
Miscellaneous 6,148
Total $68,828

Tuition Fee: Full-time attendance at Penn Dental Medicine.

General Fee: Includes access to University libraries, recreational facilities, and other University services not directly associated with specific courses.

Technology Fee: Established to advance and improve computer technology at Penn Dental Medicine.

Room and Board: Estimate reflects an average cost of room and board.

Books and Supplies: Estimated cost of required textbooks and supplies.

Miscellaneous: Estimated costs for health insurance, external loan fees and personal expenses.

Additional costs directly related to attending this program may necessitate an increase in the educational budget. Please contact Student Financial Services at 215-898-1988 or Penn Dental Medicine Office of Student Affairs at 215-898-4550.

The health insurance is based on single person coverage at Penn Dental Medicine. If you need family coverage the fee will be higher and you may need to request a budget increase. Please contact Student Financial Services at 215-898-1988 or Penn Dental Medicine’s Office of Student Affairs at 215-898-4550.

For more information, please contact the Graduate Dental Education Admissions Office at 215-898-5792 or by email.

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