$1 Million Scholarship Challenge

Penn Dental Medicine is committed to increasing the diversity of its student body. To help meet this goal, the Penn Dental Medicine $1 Million Scholarship Challenge has been established to build scholarship support for underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students.

“Penn Dental Medicine is interested in attracting and supporting these students because we feel that a student body that is representative of the community-at-large fosters respect for other cultures and provides the skills our students need to serve an increasingly diverse population,” says Dr. Beverley Crawford, Director of Diversity Affairs and Inclusion.

Through this $1 Million Challenge, once the $1 million goal is reached, Penn Dental Medicine will double the amount available each year for scholarship awards. Helping to lead the campaign is Stanley Bergman, a member of the School’s Board of Overseers and Chair of the Board’s Diversity Committee.

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For more information contact:
Maren Gaughan
Associate Dean for Leadership Giving