Claire Mitchell

Claire Mitchell, PhD

Director of DScD Curriculum & Training

Department of Basic & Translational Sciences
Room 431, Levy Building
Room: Room 431, Levy Building
Phone: 215-573-2176
Fax: 215-573-3834
Professional Biography

My research uses physiological approaches to understand the mechanistic steps of disease. For example, the lab is currently investigating how elevated pressure leads to neuronal death, focusing on ATP release, pannexin hemichannels, P2X7 receptors, NMDA receptors and the neuroprotective actions of A3 adenosine receptors. The role of these components in cytokine release is also being probed. In addition, the lab is exploring the physiology of lysosomes, with investigations into the regulation of lysosomal pH in health and disease. Pharmacological and molecular manipulation of lysosomal Cl- channels such as CFTR and CLC-7 is being used to reacidify lysosomes and improve degradative activity in aging and diseased cells.

As Director of DScD Curriculum and Training, Dr. Mitchell provides guidance to support DScD students, mentors, and thesis committees and helps to integrate clinical and research training by establishing Individual Development Plans that will enhance career opportunities.

Honors / Credentials
  • 1988 Fight for Sight Ph.D. Studentship Award
  • 1992 Royal National Institute for the Blind Fellowship
  • 1995 NRSA Fellowship in Neuroscience
  • 1996 NRSA Fellowship in Respiratory Physiology
  • 2003 University Research Foundation Award
Selected Publications
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  • B.Sc. Biology McGill University, Canada 1986
  • Ph.D. Physiology University College London, UK 1994