Pediatric Residency Program Doubles in Size


Philadelphia — Penn Dental Medicine has doubled the number of residents accepted into its Pediatric Residency Program each year, growing from two to four students. The new class of residents, which starts in July, will be the first at this increased size.

“This is a move we have wanted to make for some time. Four to five residents per year is the average size of other residency programs across the country. With the size of our School and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), this was a natural step, especially given that we have the patient pool to support a larger program,” says Dr. Betty Harokopakis-Hajishengallis, Director of the Division of Pediatrics. “We will be able to manage more cases, which translates into greater experience and knowledge for our students.”

Dr. Rochelle Lindemeyer, Director of the Pediatric Residency Program, adds that increased class size responds to the great interest in School’s highly competitive program. “We routinely get over 140 applicants each year. There is big interest in our program,” she says. “With the variety of cases we have and our affiliation with CHOP, the Program offers a great educational opportunity for our residents.”

The residents conduct all outpatient care at the School’s Pediatric Clinic and provide inpatient consultation and emergency service for CHOP; residents also provide care for those children needing sedation or general anesthesia at CHOP.

Plans are underway to expand the School’s Pediatric Clinic to accommodate the growing residency class and increased patient load. An additional six chairs will be added in an open bay setting along with a residents’ room.

“We are excited about this expansion of our program,” adds Dr. Harokopakis-Hajishengallis, “and see an ongoing potential for growth.”