Recurrent Oral Ulcers: A JAMA Clinical Challenge


Drs. Eric Stoopler and Thomas Sollecito

Philadelphia — A patient presents for evaluation of widespread oral ulcers recurring for 2 years– what is the diagnosis? What should the clinician do next?

In the June 16, 2015 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Penn Dental Medicine’s Dr. Eric Stoopler, Associate Professor of Oral Medicine and Dr. Thomas Sollecito, Chair and Professor of Oral Medicine, co-authored a JAMA Clinical Challenge, answering those questions and more with a case study on the diagnosis and treatment of a patient with recurrent oral ulcers. The case involved a man with recurrent aphthous stomatitis and presented a course of action that involved obtaining laboratory tests to rule out a systemic etiology for his oral condition and treatment with topical medications.

According to Dr. Stoopler and Dr. Sollecito, “We are very pleased that JAMA, one of the most highly regarded journals in medicine and science, is continuing to recognize the importance of further educating clinicians regarding oral conditions that commonly present in medical practice. The feedback received for our previous JAMA Clinical Challenge, featuring oral lichen planus, has been tremendously positive. We anticipate this prestigious journal will continue to highlight aspects of dental medicine that are relevant to physicians.”

The JAMA Clinical Challenge is a recurring feature of the Journal with the goal of providing clinical images that reflect visual findings that a clinician might encounter in the office setting.