Dr. Markus Blatz Recognized for International Leadership in Esthetic Dentistry


Dr. Markus Blatz spoke at the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) annual meeting earlier this month, where he was recognized for his leadership in esthetic dentistry as a 2017 inductee to the AAED.

Philadelphia — Dr. Markus Blatz, Professor and Chair of Penn Dental Medicine’s Department of Preventive & Restorative Sciences, has been recognized for his leadership in field of esthetic dentistry by both the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED) and the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED).

With the AAED, Dr. Blatz is among those clinicians and educators inducted as a 2017 associate member of the AAED after a rigorous selection process. This latest induction of new members took place as part of the AAED’s 42nd Annual Meeting, “The Interdisciplinary Summit – Blending of the Best,” held in San Diego, August 5-7.

Dr. Blatz was also an invited speaker at the meeting, presenting to the topic of “New Ceramics, CAD/CAM, and the APC Zirconia Bonding Concept.” And, he will play a key leadership role in planning the next AAED meeting – selected to serve as Program Co-Chair with Dr. Marc Nevins of Harvard School of Dental Medicine for the 43rd Annual AAED Meeting 2018 in Los Angeles.

The AAED is an invitation-only membership organization for the most accomplished professionals in the field of esthetic dentistry. Established in 1975, its mission is to promote the integration of dental esthetics into the total spectrum of oral health care and to provide a leadership role for the profession by defining the highest interdisciplinary clinical, scientific, artistic, and ethical standards through research, publications, and educational presentations.

“The AAED is one of the most exceptional professional groups in the world, boasting a membership of the greatest authorities in our field. To become a member and serve in a leadership role is an incredible honor,” says Dr. Blatz. “I look forward to supporting the Academy to promote excellence in esthetic dentistry with our research and clinical expertise.”

Dr. Blatz was also honored by the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) as the John McLean Honorary Speaker for 2017. The EAED awards this honor once a year to an internationally acclaimed leader in memory of Dr. John McLean, who is considered the father of modern ceramics and glass-ionomer cement. The lecture was presented at the 31st Spring Meeting of the EAED, held May 25 -27 in Milan, Italy.

Titled “The Science and Art of Dental Ceramics – An Update,” Dr. Blatz spoke on the evolution of ceramic materials in esthetic dentistry and Penn Dental Medicine’s current research and clinical applications of modern ceramic materials, the properties of these materials, and laboratory CAD/CAM manufacturing.

“The European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry is thankful to Prof. Markus Blatz for having given the John McLean Honorary Lecture. He was particularly appreciated by the audience for his approach to the topic in the spirit of the great pioneer and man of science to whom the EAED dedicates this honor every year,” says Dr. Stefano Gracis, D’86, EAED President. “The fact that Prof. Blatz is an active member of the EAED adds a special flavor to our feeling of pride and satisfaction for having involved such a brilliant and competent speaker in the 2017 scientific program.”

The EAED membership includes leading clinicians and educators from 20 different countries. Acceptance into the Academy is very limited and requires completion of an arduous multi-year qualification and examination process.

“It goes without saying that I am extremely humbled by these recognitions by what are considered the two most respected academies in our field” says Dr. Blatz. “I am particularly proud to represent Penn Dental Medicine and our accomplishments to moving our institution to the international forefront of clinical dentistry.”

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