Exchange Program Participants

Meet Exchange Students

Students from around the world share a bit about themselves and the exchange program experience at Penn Dental Medicine.

Sophia Magdalena Weiberlenn (Spring 2023 participant)

School: University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

The Penn Dental Medicine Experience: During my time at Penn Dental Medicine, I was able to visit all the different departments, meet with faculty and current students. I attended lectures and observed in various clinics. Besides the curriculum I was invited to join the Penn community and participate in activities and events that I would not have had the chance to do otherwise. Everyone gave me a warm welcome and made sure I got the most out of my stay.

How the Program Expanded My Horizons: The program expanded my horizons by exposing me to the newest technologies in the dentistry field. Penn Dental Medicine’s facilities are impressive, but I was even more impressed by the relationship between faculty and students which was open and approachable, and the effort put into the students’ education. I had the chance to discuss the differences and similarities between the U.S. and Germany in terms of treatment planning, dental education and other cultural aspects. I got to meet people from all over the world and, most importantly, made new friends. We still talk on a regular basis and also discuss treatment plans for our own patients in dental school. All of these aspects broadened my perspective and made me want to continue my education in an international environment. The exchange helped me not only to grow academically, but also personally. I am very thankful for the opportunity Penn Dental Medicine gave me.

Future Goals: After graduating in December 2023, I would like to specialize in restorative dentistry, focusing on periodontology and implantology. Providing the best possible treatment to the patient is the most important aspect for me. To achieve this goal I see myself working both in clinics and research and pursuing parts of my professional education in the U.S.


Yuval Shalit (Summer 2022)

School: Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hadassah Medical Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Experience at Penn Dental Medicine:
My visit during the summer at Penn Dental Medicine was an amazing and enriching experience. During the visit I had the privilege of walking around the different departments and watching different techniques in dentistry. I also visited the digital laboratory where indirect restorations are milled and planned while using advanced technology. Beyond that, I had the privilege of meeting amazing people, some of whom I am still in touch with.

How did the program expand your horizons: This experience exposed me to innovative methods and approaches in the various disciplines, especially in the field of accessibility for patients with various disabilities. In addition, it is possible that the connections I have made will allow collaborations in the future. The experience was enriching and educational and very enjoyable.

Future goals: After graduation in August 2023 I will be interested in combining research and clinical work and try to create interesting collaborations with colleagues abroad

Wu, Tzu Ying (Summer 2023)

School: China Medical University, Taiwan

Experience at Penn Dental Medicine: I was provided with a comprehensive exchanged program that allowed me to rotate through various departments, giving us insight into advanced surgical techniques and cutting-edge technology. And I also took a lecture of digital dentistry, which really widened my horizon. Everyone was patient and enthusiastic in teaching me, making my time in Philadelphia heartwarming.

The program broadened my horizons through its technology and techniques, such as the digital lab equipped with CAD/CAM machines, the endodontics department with microscopes in all dental chairs, and the educational approach for students. Beyond the clinics, engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds has illuminated both the shared traits and unique differences among people. This experience has not only enhanced my dental skills but has also taught me the importance of continuous learning and cultivating global relationships.

After graduating in June 2025, my aspiration is to work in clinics and also engage in research activities, with the goal of eventually pursuing advanced studies in the U.S.

Dominika Domanowska (Summer 2023)

School: Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

Experience at Penn Dental Medicine: Dentistry in Poland and in the world includes similar procedures, but what I consider extremely important at Penn is the experience of teachers brought from all over the world and the willingness to share it. I appreciate every person I met during the exchange, and above all, I will take their advice to heart.

How did the program expand your horizons: The program made me want to follow a different path than before coming here. In a good way! Before coming to Penn, I was into oral surgery. However, after getting acquainted with the work of doctors/residents/students in periodontology, I saw that it looks completely different than I thought before. After the observation I really want to continue my education in USA.

Future goals: The exchange made me want to pursue further education in the United States. Especially if I choose periodontology as my life path.

 Tzu Ying