MOHS Program for Pre-Dental Track Students

Basic principles of cell and molecular biology and general biochemistry.

Basic information about the evolutionary relationship, structure, physiology and molecular biology of prokaryotic cells and viruses, and basic mechanisms of immunology in relation to oral health.

Introduction to human anatomy, histology and physiology, and embryological development of the head and neck including teeth.

Introduction to cellular and molecular basis of disease resulting from inflammation, immunity, vascular disturbances, abnormalities of growth, and infection.

Introduction to the oral cavity hard tissue structures and function.

The course will provide information about the fundamentals of literature search, and appraisal and introduction to basic statistical methods and discuss the significance of nutrition for oral health.

Extramural class through KAPLAN.

Introduction to dental practice. Students will rotate one day per week in the pre-doctoral clinic observing skills such as patient communication, team building, and record keeping.

Guiding students to design and complete an oral health related project and present it in the form of a thesis.