The two-year program covers a breadth of disciplines in creating, synthesizing, and implementing evidence to inform clinical practice and policies at all levels of the healthcare system and the research enterprise through an oral health lens. Through elective courses, the MOPH program will allow students to develop a curriculum of their preference following a particular stream.

  • Stream 1) oral and population health research,
  • Stream 2) health services research, management, and policy in oral health, and
  • Stream 3) community and population-based oral health promotion. This stream-based approach will be available for the second cohort of the program (Fall 2024).

Available January 2024


Epidemiology and Research Methods in Oral Health
Biostatistics and Oral Health
Community, Population, and Public Health: An Oral Health Lens
Ethics of Science and Policy in Oral and Population Health
Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis
Health Economics and Oral Health
Methodology of Healthcare Guidelines
Vulnerable Populations and Oral Health
Integrative Global Oral Health


Scientific Writing (e.g., how to structure a scientific article, deal with peer-review, plagiarism)
Grant writing (e.g., how to define the research problem area, question, research team configuration, selecting the right grant opportunity, submission process, practical implications)
Searching the Scientific Literature (e.g., how to search in main electronic databases, creation of a search strategy, reporting of a systematic search)
Critical Thinking (e.g., principles and application to decision-making, logical puzzles)
Introduction to Statistical Packages (e.g., R, SAS, STATA)

Available 2024-2025


Program Planning and Evaluation in Oral Health
Evidence Synthesis to Inform Policy and Practice (e.g., systematic reviews, meta-analysis, policy briefs, scoping reviews, evidence mapping)
Advanced Statistical Methods for Population Health Research in Oral Health
Health Service Research and Evaluation
Policy Development and Advocacy
Health Equity and Justice in Oral Health
Theory and Practice of Health Measurement
Theory and Practice of Knowledge Transferring
Observational Studies in Oral and Population Health
Methods and Conduct of Randomized Controlled Trials in Oral and Population Health
Data Science and Oral Health
Health Communication in Oral and Population Health