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The Penn Dental Medicine’s Selectives Program enhances the predoctoral curriculum by allowing students to explore topics of personal interest. Selectives are offered to second-year and third-year students who must undertake several selectives to fulfill the requirements of the Selectives Program. The following list represents courses previously offered and is provided to give you a flavor of the variety of course offerings.

Selective Courses:

Individualized Research Selectives

Research projects in clinical, basic, social, or other sciences.

Legal Issues in Dentistry Overview of the History of Dentistry

Learning the history of dentistry.

Pain & Anxiety Control: Non-Traditional and Traditional Methods

Examine approaches to managing pain and anxiety not covered in standard anesthesia texts.

Internal Marketing and Insurance in Dental Practice

Gain practical insights into building a practice and protecting yourself.

Implant Prosthodontics: Creating the Third Dentition

More on implants – from patient selection and implant insertion to hygiene recall.

Building Champions - Realize Your Potential: Leadership and Organizational Development for the 21st Century

Develop the tools to achieve your personal goals and professional potential.

Financial Planning for Young Health Professionals

Learn how to manage and invest money for a financially secure future.

Advanced Anatomy Dissection Laboratory

Beyond head and neck anatomy – explore the anatomy of the hand, foot, or back.

Current Topics in Pediatric Dentistry

Learn more about children and adolescents and how to deal with their problems.

Dentistry in the Operating Room

Along with a seminar, gain hands-on experience providing comprehensive dentistry in the operating room.

Introduction to Forensic Dentistry

Discover the basic concepts and clinical approaches used in forensic dentistry.

Advanced Cephalometric Tracing

Learn and practice all facets of cephalometric tracing.

Dental Malpractice: Practice Management

Learn how to protect yourself from dental malpractice.

Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry

A comprehensive presentation of esthetic concepts which can be applied in practice.

Operating the Microscope in Endodontics

Explore the application of this latest technology in endodontic therapy.

Management of Diagnostic Problems in Oral Medicine

Participate in rounds with the experts at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Dental Regulations and Their Impact on Our Profession (The Inside Story)

Get the inside information on dental regulations.

Differential Diagnosis of Dental Pain

Clinical evaluation of dental pain: causes and solutions.

Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth

Specific measures to preserve and protect endodontically treated teeth.

Esthetic Dentistry: Harmonizing Dental and Facial Esthetics

Esthetic dentistry: problems and solutions

Body and Soul in Art

Cross-cultural perspectives on the body: beliefs, ideals, reality.

Advanced Endodontic Techniques

Discover the latest techniques of advanced endodontics.

Homeopathy in Dentistry

General principles of complementary or alternative medicine emphasizing dental remedies.

ART: Atraumatic Restorative Treatment for Caries

Learning about ART within the scope of comprehensive oral health care.

Dental Management for Individuals with Development Disabilities

Improving your ability to treat patients with special needs

The Dental Health Care Provider on Trial

Protecting yourself from litigation.

Essentials of Successful Esthetic Dental Practice

Provides advice on setting up a successful esthetic dental practice.

Understanding Dental Phobia

Understanding and managing dental phobia.

Crown Sleeve Coping Prosthesis: Removable Telescopic Periodontal Prosthesis

Theory and overview of “telescopic prosthetics”.

Attitudes and Perceptions of Seniors Residing in West Philadelphia Regarding Oral Health and Oral Health Care Providers

Explores health beliefs of the African-American community of West Philadelphia

Dental Management of Medically Complex Patients

Review of complications and modification for medically complex patients.

Restorative and Esthetic Concern for Provisional Fabrication

Understanding the anatomy of teeth.

Nonocclusional Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Treatment options for temporomandibular and masticatory disorders.

Orthodontic Solutions to Complex Restorative Periodontal Problems

Applied orthodontic therapy via case reports.

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