Tuition & Fees

2018-2019 Periodontics Program 1st Year Educational Expense Budget
Tuition Fee $74,974
General Fee $3,164
IMS $7,746
Dental Clinical Fee $664
Technology Fee $932
Room and Board $22,440
Books and Supplies $1,360
Personal $2,520
Transportation $1,248
*Health Insurance $3,446
Clinic Fee $586
Lap Top $1,200
Camera Micro Lens $1,500
Conferences $2,063
Total $123,841

Tuition Fee: Full-time attendance at Penn Dental Medicine.

General Fee: Covers access to University libraries, graduate student activities, recreational facilities and other University services not directly associated with specific courses.

Technology Fee: Established to advance and improve computer technology at Penn Dental Medicine.

Instrument Mgt. Service: Required instrumentation and sterilization services.

Dental Clinical Fee: Covers a variety of expenses related to clinical practice, including disposable gowns, lab coats, materials and other expenses.

Room and Board: Estimate reflects an average cost of room and board.

Personal: Personal expenses, cell phone allowance, immunizations, etc.

Transportation: Covers expenses related to getting to and from school.

Health Insurance: Covers insurance through the University of Pennsylvania. (All full time students are required to have adequate health insurance).

Clinical Fee: Covers usage of Student Health Services.

Lap Top Computer: Cost for required lap top and software.

Camera Micro Lens: Required equipment for programs

Conference: Cost to attend required conference, meeting and courses.

Additional costs directly related to attending our program may necessitate an increase in the educational budget in order to be able to borrow additional funding. Please contact the Office of Student Life to discuss the process necessary to apply for a budget increase.

The health insurance is based on single person coverage at the University of Pennsylvania. If you need family coverage the fee will be higher and you may need to request a budget increase. Please contact Penn Dental Medicine’s Office of Student Life and Academic Affairs at 215-898-9988. by email.

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