Penn Dental Medicine Presents the 4th Penn Periodontal Conference


Philadelphia — Penn Dental Medicine presented the 4th Penn Periodontal Conference, June 23-27, bringing together 168 attendees from across the country and around the world and providing a forum to exchange the latest research in the field of periodontics.

Held biennially, Penn Dental Medicine launched the first Penn Periodontal Conference in 2013 to not only bring together leading researchers in their respective fields of study but also to encourage the development of junior researchers working with them – that dual focus has continued to be a primary goal of the conference.

“We were honored to have such a high level of attendance and participation at this event and to host internationally known researchers who covered a wide range of topics related to periodontics” says Dr. Dana Graves, Vice Dean for Research & Scholarship, who was Co-Chair of the conference with Dr. George Hajishengallis, Thomas W. Evans Centennial Professor at Penn Dental Medicine. “The high level of science presented was inspiring.”

The program speakers represented 35 universities and institutions within the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. The conference launched with an evening of presentations for junior researchers that was impressive in the quality of the research they presented. It was followed by a three-day scientific program that featured speakers who addressed topics within the areas of innate and adaptive immunology, bone, stem cells, epigenetics, microbiology, and clinical periodontics

The program was structured to encourage interaction among participants, and a poster presentation session was in integral part of the conference, providing the opportunity for participating researchers to share their work and talk one-on-one with each other. Several of the participants noted that the information presented and the conversations that followed would help them in their own research.

“There were lively discussions and a great exchange of information,” notes Dr. Hajishengallis. “Postdoctoral researchers and PhD students along with highly accomplished researchers were in attendance, providing a unique forum for all.”

The next Penn Periodontal Conference is anticipated to be held in 2021.

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