Application Procedure for DScD with Postgraduate Certificate Program: Application to the Doctor of Science in Dentistry (DScD) program is completed concurrent with application to the postgraduate specialty programs of Endodontics, Oral Medicine, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Periodontics/Prosthesis, and Pediatric Dentistry. Thus, interested applicants should select the DScD option when completing their clinical specialty supplemental application. Please see the respective specialty programs – endodontics, oral medicine, orthodontics, periodontics, periodontics/prosthesis and pediatric dentistry for admissions procedures.

Please Note: In addition to the Supplemental Application required for the specialty program application, those students applying to the DScD program concurrent with a specialty program, must also submit an additional one-page personal statement indicating your interest in the combined program and your research interests that can serve as a basis for the DScD research planning and a biographical sketch in NIH biosketch format. A resume or curriculum vitae is not an appropriate substitution for the biosketch. See NIH Biosketch Format Sample »

Only highly qualified individuals with a DDS/DMD degree or equivalent will be accepted into the combined DScD/Clinical Specialty Program. Students must meet the admittance requirements for the clinical residency programs. These programs are highly competitive, and in most cases, students who are selected for the clinical program will meet many of the standards required for the DScD program.

Acceptance to the DScD portion of the combined program will be based on a decision of the DScD Admissions Committee and will be based upon undergraduate grades, dental school grades, class ranking, previous research experience, letters of recommendation, interviews and performance on national board or graduate record examinations. In addition to these high standards, students selected into the DScD/Clinical Specialty Program must show themselves to be both exceptionally interested in research and likely to be successful in their research endeavors. While previous experience in research is not an absolute prerequisite, it is beneficial.

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance into the specialty program does not guarantee acceptance into the DScD program.

Application Procedure for Current Postdoctoral Students at Penn: Acceptance to the DScD portion of the combined program will be based upon the previous application filed for the clinical degree, a one-page statement addressing the basis for an interest in the DScD program, a letter from the clinical department chair indicating support for the student’s application, an NIH-format biosketch, and an update of activities completed since entering the postgraduate program at Penn. The letter from the clinical department chair should certify that the application and update is accurate. The above materials, including a photocopy of the original application to the clinical specialty program, should be submitted to, 215-898-9068 or 215-573-8818.